Full Foundational Part I Workshop? Try Again.

It’s popular

Yes, we posted an extra three-day Foundational Part I class 7-9 December at the New Legacy UK school and it filled within a few days. Some were disappointed and so we are offering an additional overspill workshop 3-5 December 2012. Over 3.500 students have attended our foundational courses and they work.

It’s hands-on

This is our most popular workshop and has been so for almost 20 years. It’s short, full and critically important to the work I do in training people to work with their hands. Over 3,500 students have gone through the various foundational workshops where we begin with the nuts and bolts of woodworking with hands-on at-the-bench instruction that really works. To reserve your bench space please book online or call the school as soon as possible to avoid further disappointment as we again anticipate a full class.

it’s for anyone

We’ve shifted in our culture and righty so. Since my apprenticeship days in the mid sixties, bona fide apprenticeships have declined in both quality and quantity, but in many ways I am thankful for what we now have. People who come on my courses really want to be there. They invest time and energy in establishing skills and knowledge. More even than that, they want to share their time with others of like interest and they want to learn with other people too. That makes a massive difference to learning and mastering skill.

Join your friends

Soon you will find new friends in working wood with us at the school. Most of the students discover that their interest is not so, well, quirky. They find conversations about the wood and the tools and can talk for hours about the stuff they have made, are making and what they hope to soon be making.