Phil’s big bench fits

OK. We got the big bench in the workshop this week and it fits Phil a treat as you can see. He says back strain is gone, he’s closer to his work and he’s happy.

As to the wrist deal and measurements being taken from the wrist. Any one know who suggested such a thing in the first place because many benches were made that way and in some cases low
We did check Phils wrist measurement and the bench would be 7″ lower at 36″. Not a realistic work height generally, but perhaps scraping into the middle of a conference table. Too rare for a bench specific I think. Benches that low were of course used. I think this was more for overhand benchwork that required baring down with planes and scrapers and such. For that I can see the need for a bench in that regard to be lower. My 38″ tall bench suits me for full joinery of any kind and also planing and scraping of any width of stock including 4′ wide tables as many feet long as you like. I would find this 43″ tall bench most uncomfortable for most of my work.

Anyway, this was my bench this afternoon. Dovetails and potato and leek soup from the Penrhyn Castle Deli. Home made of course and home made wholewheat bread too. Today the cold winds blew, but the tree foot thick stone walls let no wind through and no sound either.



Stretched out fully and with Phil at work, the bench seems to just fit. We’ll give Phil a month to test out and adjust and get back on this critical issue. metal framed adjustable benches just don’t his the spot for me. Custom-fits do.