The prep class concluded

This was a fun three days for me and I think for the handful of people who came to prepare for Tomorrow’s month-long when they will be joined by many more. Gerald and Colin are helping each other wrap up for the weekend.

We gained much ground in foundational stuff all around and now it’s a question of putting it all into the next three major projects. Reaching the levels we do in so short a time takes determination and dedication. There is no let up and they all know that. The important thing is to set patterns and work within those boundaries and so my emphasis begins with safe handling of tools, patterns of achieving sharpness in seconds not minutes and hours, patterns of layout using accuracy as the core essential and so on. I have been governed by these patterns of workmanship all of my life, many have not. That doesn’t mean anyone is undisciplined but that they have been trained in different work that needed different patterns.


Phil is helping in this and the next workshops so it’s nice having his help. His training is progressing well and he is very engaging, which is how we both want to serve. He takes home different pieces as he completes them and has started selling some here at the castle.


Mick finished off his box so he carved his granddaughter’s name in the lid to complete ot for her. That’s what we do.

Clive will make it to the next level tomorrow too. Pretty intense this week, but as we work together each day and care enough for what we do and how we do it, we will all grow.


I will keep you all posted on progress. This time I will be teaching only and not making.