M Stein hand tools

For those who asked for the source for the lovely Slovakian carving chisels and carving tools here is the link to MStein chisels. The site is in english as well. I really liked using them and would love to buy a set for future use. I liked the look and feel in the hand and the balance.

4 thoughts on “M Stein hand tools”

  1. Lukasz Budzynski

    Hi Paul!

    Thank You for remembering about this issue 🙂

    The chisels are being sold as carving chisels (sweep #1). Does Lea use them for chopping dovetails and as general bench chisels?

    Kindest regards,

    1. Hello Lukasz, Actually it was me trying them out as bench chisels and cutting dovetails with them. I thought they were lovely chisels and worked really well as detail chisels. For dovetailing they would benefit from a bevelled edge like the finer, earlier Marples and Sorby chisels of the pre 50’s. I also like the carving handles for detail work because they give good control,so if you ever consider some detail chisels like this, following the same bolster design and everything else, i would like to see them. I really liked cutting dovetails with them. Lovely!

      1. Patrick Anderson

        I must admit when I looked at the site, I couldn’t tell if it was a mix of chisels and gouges or all gouges. It would be nice to see a set like the veritas detail chisels only a bit less pricey.

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