Veritas Jacks joint box lids to perfection

Veritas Low-angle, bevel-up jack plane a great hit!

Sometimes I wonder about newer planes. After all, how many planes do we really need? This project relied heavily on straightness, twistlessnes, alignness and the organic stuff only possible with hand work and hand tools and people working opposite one another, beside one another and together. The Veritas jack plane became, well, centralizing for those that used them. Everyone used them. The planes unite them. They talk about them, care for them, appreciate them and learn to handle them with and without their handles. We flex and soften triceps and biceps and stomach muscles and in the midst we angle one correcting degree. They all loved the low-angle, bevel-up jack planes. They didn’t really want to give them back. The meet lines married in perfect alignment and who could fault these planes for leveling and truing and trimming.









I am glad we chose the Veritas jacks. You still need a Stanley 5 and a 5 1/2 jack too. I guess I just liked the pictures of progress as these become.

4 thoughts on “Veritas Jacks joint box lids to perfection”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. I own a Veritas LA Jack and love it. It’s become my go-to jack for finer work, when I want to take a thinner shaving or trim dovetail end grain, or, yes, joint box tops and of course for shooting. When I need to do rough jack work, I reach for my vintage SB #5.

    1. One difference here. I use a 5 and 5 1/2 for fine work as I do the bevel up plane. No matter what anyone tells you, a bevel-up plane on long grain can never replace a bevel-down plane, which is what people are trying to tell people.
      Thanks for your post.

  2. Darren Brewster

    My Veritas LA Jack is my go to shooting board plane. I use it for other things too, but it is excellent on the shooting board.

  3. At this point of my life, @87; I have worked with wood for many years, but nothing compared to the master Paul. you inspire me to be better and do things I can say with pride ” I learned this from Paul Sellars… Thank you for your God given talent.

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