Education in Woodworking – Changing future woodworkers

PICT0036Had a blast working wood with my friends again to day and, also, I had to prepare for the filming we are working on for the upcoming training phases we have planned. I hope that you members of woodworking masterclasses enjoyed the videos we broadcast over the past two months. This has become the most important phase for our endeavour in craft training the current generation of woodworkers and marks a pivotal aspect of my lifelong career in working wood. Teaching you made this possible and I think it must be said to solidify how I feel. I have this to say too, I’ve learned more about woodworking through teaching and training others than I have through what I was taught and trained in by others. IMG_6298Most of my teaching began by teaching hundreds of workshops for children, training apprentices, which stood me in good stead to understand the need and then teaching in the the schools I began over the past couple of decades.

The Woodworking Shows in the US is also a great venue for learning in and the primary source up to date information on woodworking equipment. The season for The Woodworking Shows series kicks off with the Baltimore Show on my birthday, which is the 4th January so that will be a double celebration for me. Teaching masterclasses at these shows is always a great way of connecting and networking within a wide range of woodworking spheres. I encourage you to join us at The Woodworking Shows and here is their website and schedule.

Our own schedule of workshops for the New Legacy UK workshops and the New Legacy New York workshops will be posted when we finalize next years schedule. We have some new classes and a variety of specialist woodworking topics including a dedicated two-day workshop Discovering Woodworking for men and for women. IMG_8033 - Version 2This introductory course on woodworking bridges the gap for those who never had the opportunity train and want to better understand the tools, equipment and materials used in woodworking in preparation for subsequent training levels we offer. This will be for our UK workshops only at this time. Please contact the school for details of this workshop through our contact button.

This father and daughter took a course together.