Home Depot and Lowes are my neighbours

As I pulled into my hotel I saw Lowes  was next door, but then I pulled around the corner and saw their twin brother The Home Depot right next door the other side. Now I am a twin and i never had a moment when I didn’t have my twin to play with growing up. So these two giants are  right there where I need them if I ever need the “You can do it, we can help” type of help. No doubt I will need something while I am here, who knows. It’s good to remind myself of what I don’t need and who can show me better than these two guys.

One comment on “Home Depot and Lowes are my neighbours

  1. In my opinion those aren’t “neighbors”. Those are locusts. Of course you’re on the road and can hardly be picky but I’ve found it’s worthwhile to develop a relationship with a local hardware store and lumber yard rather than accept the “convenience” of the big box stores.

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