Indianapolis Set for Next Woodworking Shows’ show

With so many influences changing the face of  woodworking I must say that The Wiidworking Shows has a lot to offer. Craft Supplies, the nationally recognised wood turning suppliers gets my vote for the most influential trainers for kids at the show in Springfield MA this weekend and over the last couple of decades too. Their booth offers a free pen making for kids and so the four lathes are gong Funtime throughout the show.

Roland Johnson has seminars throughout the weekend and covers a variety of woodworking areas for Taunton Press and his seminars are well worth taking in too. At Lee Valley’s booth they have benches and planes set up for anyone to try out their wonderful range of tools together with assistants to guide newbies in the art of Veritas planes and tools.

In my booth the seats were lacked most of the time throughout today days and this being the last day I will put in the extra effort to convert people from machine only woodworking to aim for skill enhancement by using their own handed and their own energy to produce higher levels of excellence. We’ve done dovetails and joinery in each demo and yesterday we did a short adjustment for Woodworking With Children. It’s been action packed and influential and the new Woodworking Shows owner Bryce Beerman has taken the bull by the horns to make sure that these early shows set the pace for the upcoming shows in Indianapolis, Kansas and on through the rest of the season. My schedule includes more shows this year and I will be posting my itinerary as we work through this week.


  1. KevinWilkinson on 14 January 2013 at 5:02 am

    It was great seeing you again in Springfield. Great presentations. One thing I wanted to say at the show was to tell you to point whatever you’re trying to show the audience at the camera.

    • Paul Sellers on 22 January 2013 at 4:00 pm

      Thanks Kevin, I am not used to the camera being at that end but in front and to my left. Very strange after two years of making films.
      Thanks for the heads up.