So many woodworkers – preserving the future

DSC_0427It’s always inspiring to teach my craft to others and this show is no exception in that just the desire to learn creates a sphere within which seeds of skill can be planted, nurtured and raised to the fullness of masterful work. My working as a master in woodworking has always been lifestyle and as a lifestyle woodworker the choices I have made have always engendered a sense of fulfilment in the same way that loving someone is in itself it’s own reward. As my UK clock ticks away and I sit wakeful and aware here in New England, I find my journal filling with the aspirations for this brand new as yet unfolding New Year. Reaching you woodworkers in the Netherlands and Australia, North, South, East and West Africa, Czech Republic and Slovakia matters. My being in they USA and in the UK has meant I can reach so many people on these two continents and I have joined my skills with the skills of others to make woodworking not so much a mass manufacturing institution but a meaningful lifestyle. IMG_6298Dismantling they effects of industrialising has meant the Real Woodworking Campaign continues to gain an ever-increasing audience. Now we have our Online Broadcast we have been able to create many more spheres of creativity within which people can become wonderfully creative and my hope is that over the next year or two we will be bothe preserving the best of the past and uniting it with new developments of the present that will have value and meaning in the future. We should never lose sight of the reality that the future is not necessarily in the hands of someone else, but all the more in ours and every one of us counts.
Each nd everyone has some gem of input into changing society for the better. Politicians may in some minute way represent what we feel and do, but it isn’t what they do that counts it’s what we as indivuals do with our lives.