Coffee Table filming almost done

DSC_0001I had to skip three of the US venues with The Woodworking Shows for filming the next series over in the UK Castle workshop. This is the first series of our table-making series and paves the way for multiple table forms and styles we furniture makers make in the everyday of life. I have designed this as a new design specifically for training but also because I like the concept of using Arts and Crafts for teaching woodworking. DSC_0003This Oak Coffee Table has a couple of the Arts and Crafts features I like for furniture; unique arching and through tenons. Today and tomorrow we wind up the critical closing aspects and then we hand over the editing and though I am always sorry when a filming session is concluded like this, I am also glad to think that you will be making these designs for your training.

PICT0035 2This has indeed been lots of hard work for the team and at the same time great fun of course, but it has also been a time of rest and recreation for me as I walk, think and focus my energies on the goals we have as social enterprises. We have planned our strategies for increasing with many international considerations. Please continue to support us as we travel the shows over the remaining five weeks. The guys at the shows deserve a big hand for taking the bull by the horns and making this happen.

See you all next week in Somerset, New Jersey and Columbus, Ohio.


  1. Jersey and Columbus are a little far for me, but Atlanta is only a 8 hours drive from Richmond. Do you know if you will definitely be at the Atlanta show?

    1. Bags packed, Tools and Bench in transit, cars booked and so too all flights booked to include Newark NJ, Columbus OH, Dallas TX, Tampa FL and ATLANTA GEORGIA!!!!!
      See you all in every state.

    2. Robin – Somerset is only six hours from Richmond…of course DC could add some time as could snow!…I wish I could break away for any of them!

  2. I think Joseph just posted a cutting list on the woodworkingmsterclasses site so you can find it there, Mike. In the US class we used red oak. In the UK we have used both red and white oak but mostly red oak because of cost. Oak in the UK is about four times the cost it is in the USA.

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