Don’t miss the last day of the Woodworking Show today


I so enjoyed the show yesterday and I think the visitors did too by all accounts. Of course this has always been  a commercial show with vendors bringing product to market be it woodworking magazines or resin finishes, but there is of course a symbiosis between people presenting something that others need and those needing a solution to a problem they have. Most people don’t need a massive delivery of wood and so the show gives the opportunity to pick up a board of walnut the size of a tree or a 1 x 6 four feet long of curly maple they might not otherwise find. I found this in the UK at the North of England Woodworking Show too. Woodturners can pick up half a dozen blanks for bowls or indeed a massive burl like this if that’s what they want.


Mark at Tool Liquidators travels the circuit with a massive range of equipment and tools at tremendous prices and so people can search out a lot of hard to find items. I discovered that he had Bahco double ended extra-slim saw files and flat files right there in the zillion pieces he has for sale. Imagine buying a box of a dozen of the best saw files in the world for $20 and remember these are double ended too. A Bahco saw file will sharpen  20–30 saws per end usually, depending on how bad the saw is.


I thought this was an interesting demonstrations as I stood talking to chuck Bender and he carved out the ball and claw leg from a chunk of basswood. It would be well worth standing there and watching him and where else could you see this than a show like this.


Here’s a familiar face too. Bobbie has been to my classes and she just told me she’s retired and ready for the next phase in her life as a woodworker and woodturner. Quite a different path than a paramedic for 30 years.  There were so many of you there that I knew this year i didn’t know last year and it was so good getting to visit with everyone – Bogden, Scott, wow!


My demos were pretty full throughout the day and so were the others. Richards booth was full during his demo and that is always encouraging.

I did everything from inlaying to door making and raised panels to dovetails and I was so glad to meet people who are following my blog and the woodworking masterclasses. Rain did not stop play yesterday. At some points the aisles were jammed with people searching out the items they needed or the information they were looking for in a demonstration.

DSC_0097 2

Another popular feature of the show is the Show Case called the Show Off. This is where you can submit pieces for inclusion in an attendee vote on best of show. I thought that the pieces were quite stunning and stunningly different. On the one side convention, the other flowing and modern. Both were exemplary of fine woodworking and I would not like to judge between all the entries.

3 thoughts on “Don’t miss the last day of the Woodworking Show today”

  1. I went to my first woodworking show ever, in Milwaukee (was sorry to see that you weren’t in attendance there, as my recent acquaintance to your blog has been inspiring!), and can’t wait for next year’s. The hobby can sometimes be wonderfully solitary, but it’s nice also to see that one is not fully alone, and to see/hear the passion in others’ voices, and wide eyes. I loved both the odd/new tools, and the demos even more. Can’t believe you guys do that all day–a testament to your internal fortitude–we appreciate it!

  2. It was great to see Paul at the Sommerset show. He can definitely pack them in. He’s a true showman. Everyone at his seminars seemed to enjoy the presentations. It was great to talk with him and hear what’s going on in his life. I wish him the best of luck with all the challenges ahead. It was also cool to see some fellow students from New Legacy. There were some other great demos going on all day. I got some great info on finishing from Jim Heavey. It was a day well spent. But again. Best of luck to you Paul.

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