From Somerset NJ to Dallas/Fort Worth Texas and beyond

Inly str stp 28 colorIn a few days I arrive in Somerset, New Jersey and this was a special show for our work last year in that we connected to so many people for the first time. Travel can be hard on the human body and I am sure all of you know that, but what made my last session all the easier was the help and friendship people gave to me as I traveled from state to state. DSCN0042-copy2Reverse Rckng chr14 adjstUntil you have been to the USA, lived there, holidayed there, spent time with Americans, you can never really know how lovely the people really are deep down. Oh, that doesn’t mean they don’t do things wrong from time to time, but, you know, there are always lots of hands to pull you up when you fall down, believe me. I suppose I have found a certainty and an immediacy in that characteristic.

The two rocking chairs shown are two of my earlier designs from my time in Texas.

The guys at the shows are solid. They really take care of me when I am there and I find that being so received encourages me to give my all. I am looking forward to all of the remaining five shows but I especially look forward to seeing friends in Texas. I once lived west of San Antonio in a place on Frio River in Con Can. PICT0037_16

The cherry chair is one of my designs from back in 1995 but the original was from native Texas mesquite. It sold and sold in many hundreds.

Smelling the mountain laurel in early spring and seeing bluebonnets spread for miles is a unique sight and scent unity. Until you’ve been there you can never know so sweet an aroma. Texas to me has a sweet aroma in its unique identity, so whereas Dallas cannot claim the full Texas culture and all it contains, it will be close in bringing me to a powerful period of impact on a large portion of my life.

This dining suite in Mesquite and wrought iron became a popular design. Many a dozen orders came from my original designs in the ever popular Texas style.


I look forward to seeing many of you at the shows and especially my friends spread throughout Texas. No doubt a great reunion in the Lone Star State!

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  1. Thank you and thanks to all in Dallas and the metroplex, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and all points in between. I love Texas.

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