It’s Working!!

Our Online Course continues

We launched the next series in our Online Broadcast today and I had hoped to do a preparatory blog before it launched, but traveling the globe has its drawbacks. It’s fantastic!!!

This will be another design I developed for skill building and made from solid oak so here is the link to the

We have been excited by your continued support for all we are doing and you keep telling me that between this, my blog and our YouTube videos, your skills are growing exponentially. I remember 20 years ago agonizing over the uphill swim I felt myself on when trying to show people how establishing skill in hand tool woodworking can only enhance your capabilities to let you enter realms you may never have known before. As I drove through that dry and hilly region of the US I remember saying to myself, “Is this working?” As I talked to my wife about it, we looked up at the same time and saw a huge billboard that said nothing more in equally huge, black letters on a white board. “IT”S WORKING!”

Technique is everything and technique is hard to write about but video really answers the unasked questions people have.

This course is indeed working and everyone seems to be looking forward with a positive attitude toward what is fast becoming a practical resource for woodworkers around the world. Opening the coffee table series as a means to teaching aspects important to table making is a real step forward. We have the workbench on YouTube and that’s been a great success, and now we have several projects under our belt that prepare the way for many new and exciting things to happen in your lives and others too. Soon we’ll begin the Tool Box/chest and the Craftsman-style Rocking Chair with a twist and turn toward helping with more modern designs.

We do hope that you enjoy our team effort with this new project.

Also, I am presently in Columbus Ohio and tomorrow we set up for the ninth Woodworking Show of the season. Please come and support the work the organisers are doing to bring the best to enhance your woodworking. I look forward to seeing you here over the three days of the show.


  1. Keep up the wonderful work. I met you at the Indianapolis show. Your videos and on line classes have helped me tremendously. The huge burst in technique instruction comes with taking a tablet computer to the shop and watch, then do. Fantastic. I was a little dubious about your honing method till I tried it. I use your method but with oil stones. I am a strong believer. Working on a clock in beautiful cherry. All joinery done. Ready to decorate.


  2. I have been following the masterclass for just a few weeks now and am truly amazed at how my own skills are coming on. It truly is an amazing system (not really sure what to call it!) that has made me believe that I will be able to actually make some of the more complex and useful items given time. I am not sure that there is the likes of this available anywhere else and for one I am most grateful for your efforts. I look forward to meeting you in April for the weekend course and my week now revolves around Wednesdays!

    1. Your encouraging words spur us on to continue improving what we offer for the long term and those getting on board as they discover they can master real skills instead of substituting for them.
      Thanks, Mick

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