Paul Sellers’ Workbench Part 9 is up on YouTube

NOTE:Just so you know, this is an older workbench series. Paul has a newer Workbench series. If you are interested in the updated version of Paul’s workbench please click the button down below. This page links to a cutting list, tools list, FAQS and much more.

This has been the most fun

Just to let you know that we got  the next episode of making the Paul Sellers’ workbench is up on YouTube. Watching it through reminded me  that making this as a series in my back yard was SOOOOO much fun!!!! I took a little stick (criticism) on the first episode of the video series, but I think now that there are hundreds of my benches being made around the globe as a direct result of my feeble effort so I’m glad we did it. That’s how I measure success. You can’t bank it in your Barclays or Bank of America. You can’t bank it in accolades but you can bank it in the lives of your fellow man and woman regardless of where they are in their woodworking life. That’s success.  I have worked on every woodworking bench type and you won’t find a more practical workbench for the money. I made the one for the Woodworking Shows for $41. It’s smaller, a mere 5’ long and 2’ wide and 38” tall and it was made using two of the three most important joints used through woodworking for centuries. Imagine a good bench for $41………….Doesn’t take much thinking about.




Try out my Workbench in five states

To see or try my workbench, join me at the remaining Woodworking Shows in:

Somerset NJ – Feb 22-24 

Columbus OH – Mar 1 – 3

Dallas TX Mar 8 – 10

Tampa FL Mar 15 – 17

Atlanta GA Mar 22 – 24

See you all soon!

12 thoughts on “Paul Sellers’ Workbench Part 9 is up on YouTube”

  1. Thank you Paul for making this video series and making it free for everyone. It has changed so much in my life for the last couple of months. I had not done any woodworking for the last 20 years and was looking to get back into the craft as a hobby. While researching the internet for a bench that would work with the power tools I was looking to acquire I found your bench series on youtube. After watching the first episode I had to watch the rest. By then my point of view was changed 180 degrees. I was no longer interested in machine working but woodworking with hand tools. It’s so refreshing to see a master craftsman like yourself share so much of his knowledge for any one that is willing to listen and to do it in such a humble manner. Thank you again for giving us this gift, I’m looking forward to what I will learn with form your teachings that you are giving to us here and on your masterclasses.

  2. I am keen to build one of these benches, I bought one and have been disappointed in the lack of weight and stability. This looks like a great no nonsense functional design so I am going to have a go at building one. I was pleased to see the self tightening slip wedge and I will try to adhere to this design.

    1. If you need anything at all we are a team and can help you with any queries so that no one is left on their own, ever. Myself, Joseph, Phil, John, we are all here to help. This is a socially interactive group galvanised by a social enterprise. We help one another!!!!

  3. I’m glad that I caught this installment because it answered a question I had a long time ago about the tail vise installation. Very well done!

  4. Robin Hale-Cooper

    Paul, Now that you have had the bench for a bit, do you still like the wedges idea? I didn’t see any wedges on the little bench you made for the woodworking shows. I plan to build my workbench in March while my wife is out of town for two weeks. I can not decide whether to include the wedges or not. I will not be moving the bench around a lot, but I want to be able to disassemble it if I move to a new house.
    Robin HC

    1. Yes, I did use the wedges there too. My benches in the schools have wedges too, at least in the UK. That was where the original idea came from. If I were making an past benches over i would definitely add the wedges now. There is no need to glue if you do that.

  5. Paul, thank you so much for this series. Your smaller “show size” would fit my space better. Other than the overall length and width, did you adjust any other dimensions? Still recommend 75 mm thickness for the top?

  6. Paul,

    Do the woodworking shows you participate in ever make it to the west coast? Say, within a day’s drive of San Diego?

    1. I think they did a few years ago but not currently. I think that they may be looking at such a thing fro the future though.

  7. dave mathieson

    Paul did you do a video on flattening the top ? I so I missed it, could you give me some guidence ?

    1. Paul Sellers

      We did the underside of the benchtops, bolted and screwed everything together and when together we flattened the top benchtops topside then.

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