The training program advances

DSC_0097The castle workshop seems very different than where I will be tomorrow. Today we concluded filming before my return to the US early in the morning. Filming this week was great and very important to our training program with the online broadcast, but today was top notch for me. In this coming series we introduce many new concepts every woodworker must master to ‘become’ that worker of wood he or she wants to be. Cutting mortise and tenons are often avoided by even artisan woodworkers but we walk you step by step as we have through the other two joints. DSC_0124Adding this joint encapsulates the core emphasis of what I have now taught for over two decades and that is that with three joints and ten hand tools you can make almost anything from wood. DSC_0114DSC_0107DSC_0130Here is one of the tenons they or you will be making, there are eight of them. There are eight haunched mortise and tenon joints too and a further four regular mortise and tenons; 20 all together and with variations on the theme. Closing up the shoulders and clamping this together is always a good-feeling moment for me.


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