Fort Worth Woodworking Shows’ Show – Come Join Us

Last day of the show today

DSC_0101_1Tomorrow we move on to Florida, but there is still lots to see today at The Woodworking Shows’ show here in Fort Worth. I took a walk down town between demos yesterday and there is of course lots to do and see, but none of it compares to the show right now.

I did do the lone star demo yesterday and that really worked out well so I will do it again to day. I also did half laps, through dovetails, mortise and tenons, raised [panels, picture frame inlays and of course so much more.

Inly str stp 20 colorKeeping the craft alive this way has become quite a driving force for me. Sharing my knowledge has expanded exponentially though the online broadcast and the shows are a perfect way of letting people know that they can now train online through making projects or with our free techniques video work. one thing I learned last year is just how quickly the videos transmit technique information I cannot convey via written text.

Texas had rain yesterday, light rain really.

Ate at Casa Laredo last night with my friends Bill and Susie. A wonderful meal. Recommend the restaurant.

Time to go as I forgot the clocks changed last night. Demoing in one hour’s time!!!

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  1. Paul Sellers on 11 March 2013 at 11:00 pm

    I have it on the agenda so watch that space.