Good flights to UK

Arrived safely and good flights

Just to let everyone know I arrived safely in the UK and had good flights with US Airways once throughout my US tour and also with Unite Airways to the UK again. Thank you everyone for your tremendous support. Driving back through the snow I followed m usual route along the Welsh coast line and could see the mountains covered with snow in the distance.

Latest online broadcast episode

I just watched the Part 5 of the Coffee Table and was very happy with the creative results the team came up with once again. Here is the link.

Upcoming workshops

Back to the shop tomorrow. Lots to do to get ready for the upcoming workshops, which are either full or filling fast. Please sign up early to avoid disappointment. I will not be able to offer any overspill classes any more as of this time because of my limited time schedule both in the USA and the UK.

Some new-to-me tools

Bought some neat tools and will post on them shortly, but this includes a very nice Woden #7, a Disston Keystone handsaw, a toothing plane, a box full of dogging spikes and lovely gouge.

8 thoughts on “Good flights to UK”

  1. Paul I’m glad you had safe travels – curious about your Woden plane purchase, have not found much on line about them. there is a no 4 at a local antique market that seems in decent shape. Any cautions?

    1. I have bought two #4 Wodens and they are nice planes, perhaps slightly, ever so slightly, weightier than the Stanley but not detrimentally so. Now the #4 1/2 is one I use much of the time, alongside my Stanley 4 1/2, but this #7 looks as though it will be an excellent plane for truing edges with for gluing long-grain to lon-grain edges and that’s why I like this plane. I would buy the Woden in the flea market because they are not commonly available and come up quite rarely on eBay.

      1. due to the weight and size would it make a suitable transition ‘scrub’ plane as you have described before?

        1. No, too long and wide for a scrub plane. I will keep this for jointing probably. Heavier planes, though not so good for smoothing, jointing and general surface planing work, are really good for edge jointing because they balance more readily.

          1. sorry Paul I wasn’t clear above – I meant the Woden #4 as a scrub plane, but as it turns out that #4 was damaged anyway so i left it be.

          2. My fault. Too many emails, posts and forum blogs to remember all of them. Now I see.Also, I just received a Woden No 7 rarity from my friend. It’s really a very nice plane.

          3. no worries!! you must be overwhelmed and probably tired from travel as well and catching up with family and friends . All the best sir.

  2. Robin Hale-Cooper

    Glad to know you are safely back home with your family and people who love you. Good luck and God speed with your next workshops. … Robin HC

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