Help planing benchtop and frame parts

DSC_0001 2We are in the middle of a bench making session and must complete it before the Sunday close of the show so we can pass it on to some young person between 18 and 25. I am demoing the mortise and tenon cutting and also making the housing dadoes during my demo time, but I could do with some extra help planing some of the surfaces because I will run out of time if I don’t get everything glued up Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. DSC_0002If you in Atlanta Georgia can help with some hand planing (full training given freely) that would be great. We may have other tasks that need doing too. Join me at the show and you can help push this project through for closure before I return to the UK for the UK courses that start in April. This giveaway will be a great step forward for someone so please let me know if you can help.


5 thoughts on “Help planing benchtop and frame parts”

  1. juryaan mulder

    I would have loved to help you Paul ,but i don’t think i wil make it in time(live in the Netherlands) i am sorry.
    It would have been a great experience,maybe someday you wil visit our tiny Country.

      1. juryaan mulder

        I hope so, love your online woodworking classes but it can’t beat the real thing.

  2. Robert Flowers

    Mr.Sellers I will be at the show on Friday at 12:00 and would love to help out anyway i can,I have a semi sharp #4 Stanley i could bring with me if you need me to just let me know.
    You should know i can take a dull blade and make it duller that is why all my tools are semi sharp.
    Look forward to meeting you at the show.

  3. Spencer Schwab

    See you Saturday morning, Paul. Let me know if my wife and I should bring some planes. We are ready to work some wood with a master.

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