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DSC_0012A week or two ago it seemed like a good idea to make a second workbench and give it to someone under 25 years old here at the last show. At 3pm I wondered if that was really such a good idea. DSC_0017I did not realize that my demonstrations would be so full and certainly not so extended past my hour, but this weekend I demonstrated an average of 12 hours out of 20 show hours and then answered 5 hours of questions beyond that. With my friends we went on in what time remained to make the workbench we promised to give away. DSC_0021Robin, Dave and Steve came in beyond the call of duty to work on planing parts and prepping stuff and I took opportunity to cut tenons and mortises during part of my demonstration time to alleviate some pressure. DSC_0036We got more help in between from people like Spencer and his wife Shivella, Nathan, and several more and my only regret was that I didn’t have ten more benches to give away. I have no regrets in doing what we did and we actually gave two benches away because I gave away the bench to a second winner. This was a last minute decision so two could benefit. The winners were Will Sartain and Noah Atkinson. Were they thrilled or what?

DSC_0041It was a great deal of hard work combined with a great deal of fun and fulfillment.  DSC_0088DSC_0090Friendships were formed and deepened and people were inspired that they could get going with woodworking in a wide range of way they may never have considered possible before. It’s amazing how people feel that they can do it when they SEE it done in front of them. This is an amazing thing to me.

DSC_0064Now then, what do you think of these? Who would have thought of Greene and Greene planes; I mean this is outer-box dimension for me and I loved the way they looked. Stunning! The woodworker that designed them and made them is Chris Adkins who founded I thought that their mission statement was great and inspiringly inclusive. Here it is:

Educate woodworkers of all levels and all types, from beginner to pro, hardcore hand tool user to power tool fanatic, how share their knowledge base, find the answers to their questions, and help build the craft fro the future, online and off.

Forge and reinforce, online connections and create real life personal ones with local gatherings in many regions across the country and around the world.

Provide resources and opportunities for making connecting simple, and for making you a better woodworker.

There’s  much more than this to look forward to so pay them a visit and be encouraged and inspired.

Love Georgia!

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  1. Spencer Schwab on 27 March 2013 at 9:42 pm

    We had a great time at the show Paul. I posted a photo of the guys working on the bench during your last session. I put it on the woodworking master classes forum here.

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