The Show in the Lone Star State

The Texas Show starts today

DSC_0102 Texans have always been great fanatics of woodworking and whenever I come to Texas I always feel quite at home because of Texas hospitality. An out-of-print book put out by the University of Texas called Early Texas Inly str stp 20 colorFurniture inspired many Texans to reproduce early Texas pieces and I was first introduced to Mesquite as a wood back in 1986 when I first came to the Texas Hill Country in Concan Texas. Inly str stp 28 colorI have spent many days, weeks and months and years working with the indigenous mesquite and met many woodworkers who understand the idiosyncrasies of this very unique species. I’ve been stalked by mountain lions and faced rattlers inches from my hands in pursuit of this incredible wood, but today we will follow the cattle trails and ease on in to Fort Worth for three days of working wood nearer to my bench and lesser dramas.

It’s been nice feeling the warmer sun since my earlier travels of course and I want this to be a good show, but seeing my grandchildren over the past three days has to be the icing on the cake for me.

Whilst I am here I will be demonstrating some unique methods for making the lone star inlay I used in some of my furniture pieces through the years I lived and made furniture here in Texas .

My Brazos Rocking chair right was born right here in Texas about 13 years ago now.

DSCN0042-copy2This is my Symposium schedule (roughly and no guarantees)

Finding The Power in Hand Tool Woodworking

Friday – 12PM, Saturday – 12PM, Sunday – 12PM

Minimalist Woodworker

Saturday – 10AM, Sunday 10AM
Maximizing your potential

Making the Lone Star by hand

Friday – 2PM, Saturday – 2PM
Inlays simplified by hand methods

Starting Out With Hand Tools

Friday – 4PM, Saturday – 4PM, Sunday – 2PM
Discover the art of hand woodworking


Thank you for all of your emails and welcoming me “home”.

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  1. Huh, must be the first Texan to notice this, turns out like twenty five years ago when I briefly did a workshop project but didn’t have enough money to continue in class so I just kinda left it as “well I enjoyed this but don’t have any tools for it, drat” until the missus was trying to weave on a crappy little picture frame loom with plastic needles and I realized why it all offended me so much. 😀

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