Things in General – Making a Workbench at the Next Woodworking Shows

NOTE:Just so you know, Paul has a new Workbench series. If you are interested in the updated version of Paul’s workbench please click the button down below. This page links to a cutting list, tools list, FAQS and much more.

Workbench Series for Tampa Florida show.

DSC_0131 DSC_0125 - Version 2 Making the Traditional Joiner’s Tool Box over the past few Woodworking Shows was totally successful educationally and aspirationally and so too were the occasions when I introduced how to make the Lone Star for our Lone Star following. Both will be good for the videoing in the upcoming series.

DSC_0028 In Tampa, Florida I am planning on buying wood from the nearest Home Depot and making one of the workbenches I am currently using at the shows right now.  The sizes to this one will be somewhat different to the one in my YouTube videos and it’s different to others I have made, but we’ll progress through several presentations and I’ll still doing my other demos too. This will replace the tool box series and I will blog my progress.

DSC_0063 I’m not sure, but I get enough emails for me to think that many of you don’t realise that you can follow the bench-making series through two methods; we have YouTube here, or my blog here. Both are as ever, free. Also, please don’t forget that you can master skills now through our online broadcast and through our YouTube videos and that does not mean money. Of course YouTube is free, but so too any of our techniques videos on woodworkingmasterclasses, which teach such things as the intricacies of saw sharpening and building shooting boards. Go to the site here and sign up. That does not mean pay up. The only aspects of this site that you will pay for are for the projects we make in the different series on making; techniques and methods are always free.

See everyone in Tampa, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia and then I will see some of you in the first two-day followed by nine-day workshop in New York in May and in the UK at our Penrhyn Castle workshop in April. Sign up as soon as you can. Both sides of the pond this year’s opening  classes are filling fast or full. We have more classes scheduled but this year I am afraid we will not be offering additional overspill classes. New Legacy School of Woodworking is located here.

Sorry to sound like an advert but we are working hard to make sure I fulfil my dreams to train hundreds of thousands of woodworkers so we can preserve the classics of woodworking in the lived lives of others. Remember this –  the best way to preserve a seed is to plant it, not store it in a glass jar. Woodworking should not be an exclusive group of the self protecting  but the outreach if inclusivity. Ask yourself this question. What have the gurus of woodworking done to enhance opportunities for children and young people in woodworking? Magazines? Machine manufacturers? They actually have absolutely nothing they make that can enhance that or even change it. It’s still shocking to see no children at the shows and soooooo few women too! Children and women are about equal in numbers. What’s happening here? It is going to take serious change in the approach to woodworking to see a difference take place.



  1. Just thought I’d leave a quick message as I’ve just finished building my workbench , just need to put a finish on it. It is not only a practical cheap bench that’s rock solid but its an thing of simple elegance. So thank you very much in showing a novice on how to build a good workbench. Keep up the good work. Also I can highly recommend woodworkingmasterclasses; every Wednesday when videos are released is a joy.

    1. Thank you Owain. What you now have is what we want everyone to have – the satisfaction of taking charge.

  2. The only differences between benches is the sizing and also, I introduced a wedged leg system for knock down. In case people wanted to transport from time to time and only have a car.

  3. I made one of pauls benches ,what a stout outfit ,I cut the wedged leg system on mine and even on end there is no give to the thing , love it ,, also cheated and made a second one out of a glu lam that was taking up space , it just saved a little time gluing the top but I think my top is better , the wood inside the glu lam doesnt seem as tight grained as the one I made,

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