Beautiful Inside and Out

I made a frame saw today, from a section of the old bandsaw blade and some scraps of oak. I cut the teeth by hand filing and set is yet to come. I have shaping to do, but the saw works fine already and the bandsaw blade was hard enough yet fileable without further hardening perhaps.

DSC_0242Today was sunshine both outside and inside the Castle. Life can seem somehow detached from the big world when you work together on a project with a friend or two. The time went so fast and everyone moaned when I said it’s time for home. DSC_0302Taking a walk through trees and yellow flowers that spring bears takes only a few minutes  and what refreshment that brings. DSC_0400I wondered what you might think about these beautiful spruce flowers on my way home. Or Phil riding his bike along the back road to town.

DSC_0394As I left the castle I saw seascape over toward Puffin Island and the Great Orme island. You are looking at the New Legacy workshop in Penrhyn Castle, bottom right. DSC_0395Turning around and facing the other way the view looks like this. My friend Rhian has a dairy farm with her husband and they just turned out the cows after winter indoors. DSC_0396It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place to work. Philip manages to keep everyone on track and make his own pieces much the way I do. I feel rewarded on every front, whether inside or outside the Castle. How could I not be?

4 comments on “Beautiful Inside and Out

  1. nice to see some signs of spring there – here in Edmonton winter just… wont… seem to quit… back to creating the creative space this weekend after trip to the antique mall. I think Mike’s comment is right on..

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