Special Announcement USA – Week-long Workshops in July-August

UK to US –  work ahead
I’m here in the UK to film the next series and of course teach. Soon we conclude the latest woodworkingmasterclasses.com coffee table and then the next major piece will of course be the Cabinet maker’s Tool Chest in mahogany.

My next US class repeats the nine-day Foundational Course, the one we just did two weeks ago, followed by our special month-long intensive of basically three workshops making three major projects. Whereas we have guaranteed 10 places for those who want the dynamic of a month-long intensive with me, many have asked for a break in the series of what is an essentially triple-project course. They would like to be able to attend one or two of the projects and cannot dedicate a full month all in one go. So, we’ve reduced the month-long class size to facilitate those who want only one of the projects. We have allocated five places in each of the workshops to provide a week-long for each one of the three projects. This means that you can attend the shorter six-day course for building the following:

DSC_0073 Week 1 – Cabinet Maker’s Tool Chest 8-13 July 2013 (top left)


To sign up go to mailto:[email protected]



DSC_0573 Week 2 – Craftsman-style Coffee Table 15-20 July 2013


To sign up go to mailto:[email protected]
Craftsman Chr 5

Week 3 – Craftsman-style Rocking Chair 22-27 July 2013


To sign up go to mailto:[email protected]


This then provides the opportunity for those who have attended our Foundational Course from any period in the last 18 years to attend a more advanced training course at the New Legacy School of Woodworking in Upstate New York. If you have not attended the Foundational Course we have a three-day preparatory course 4-6 July to help equip you. Depending on the class you choose, the preparatory course is designed to give you all of the techniques and processes you will use in each of the week-long workshops. This three-day preparatory course costs $350 and includes all course materials for the project you build. Depending on the weeklong project you choose, the three day preparation class is customized to prepare you for different elements you will encounter in the week-long workshop you choose.

Catching up
Last week’s class was really a great success in that everyone made their three projects, kept all of their fingers and thumbs and took home the three projects plus a wide range of technique skills and methods they didn’t know existed. I think expectations varied as they always do, but I also think that this letter perhaps sums up a balanced perspective of what the courses we offer are about:

I wanted to take an opportunity to personally thank you for your 9 day woodworking class this past week.  As a newcomer to woodworking, I cannot believe that I built a shaker box, a bookcase and an oak table using only hand tools!  My wife thought the work was first rate.

On a  personal level, it was “awesome” to be taught by a true professional and a true gentleman.  I will never forget the experience and will take the lessons I learned with me for the rest of my life.

Warmest regards,

P.S.  The saw I traded for dates back to approximately the American Civil War according to the Disstonian Institute website (unless I’m very much mistaken).  So that’s almost 150 years of history.  Once I fix it up I will send you before and after pictures.  It won’t be a museum piece however — I plan on using it to rip larger boards as my woodworking career unfolds. -SMS

From every background, always!

The course attendees comprised a diverse range of occupations ranging from a psychoanalyst and any eye surgeon, three software engineers, two teachers, a stay at home dad, two or three retirees who once were a plumber, an airline pilot and a shop teacher. We had a dentist, an engineer and a tax attorney as well as cargo handler and the remainder I have forgotten.
I think that beyond their occupations they made stunning examples of first attempts at woodwork and when I consider that none of them had ever made a table or a bookshelf before, the outcome and standards were indeed remarkable. Some had made boxes on the online woodworkingmasterclasses online course work. This has proven a great way of learning and preparing for other courses too.


  1. It is OK, I know that typos can happen, even to the British.
    Anyway, I just wanted to show you the type tools I returned to after the nine day course.

    1. Oh my, my, my!!!
      I can’t imagine the pressure you must be under working one eyes!
      I am so glad it’s you.

  2. Have I missed something? The location of these courses has great bearing on whether I can throw my hat into the ring. It would be quite a great experience.

    1. Sorry Jeff, this was 3 or 4 years ago now. The classes we are currently offering are here in beautiful England.

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