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YouTube and FaceBook – Growing an Organic Vision for Real Woodworking

Aside from our woodworkingmasterclasses being successful, and of course the New Legacy workin the schools we teach, tonight I noticed our YouTube subscriptions tipped over the 10,000 mark and I wanted to thank you all for the support you have given to this. This has happened in a about a year really and of course it was the blog about Paul Sellers’ Joiners Workbench and the free video series that sparked my interest to make it available to everyone worldwide for free. As we continue to expand our vision we have many more we plan to release as freebies, but of course my time is restricted as is the time of those who work with us to make this happen. If what we are doing to make affordable woodworking work for everyone, please encourage them by letting them know about this blog, woodworking masterclasses and of course the YouTube. Any and all support expands the horizons of woodworking and we are intent on passing on everything we have as best we can using the different modern-day media, social networks and so on. Many of you follow my facebook and twitter too and I thank you for that. Again, “Pass it on!” We have a long way to go to make an organic netwrok of real woodworking for the Real Woodworking Campaign. It’s really working and working well!
If this seems more like an advertising commercial than we usual allow ourselves it’s because in some ways it is. We try to give as much away as we can for free. The way societies grow is by word of mouth and you can make the difference for hundreds of others you may know who love woodworking as much as we all do. Our work takes no sponsorship from any other organisation but we do work with them to promote their and our ethos if it is compatible.


  1. Brandon Avakian on 21 June 2013 at 5:52 am

    Your real woodworking campaign has been successful. Thank you for doing all of this. I definitely do not take any of your wonderful lessons for granted. Thank you for the bench build series as I as able to build my first bench following it. Thank you for also starting a post on your tool cabinet-bottom unit. I and many others look forward to the remaining posts on it. Thank you again.

    Brandon Avakian

  2. Steve Branam on 21 June 2013 at 11:35 am

    Paul, you’ve done a wonderful job of creating an accessible resource for woodworkers all around the world. That’s the power of the Internet!

    As always, time is our most precious resource. We can never find enough to do all we want, but keep on doing what you can.

  3. John on 22 June 2013 at 3:52 am

    All of your videos are wonderful. Your methods recorded in real time are valuable in teaching the nature of wood.

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