Promised blogs done and yet to come

Someone suggested I keep a list to remind me of what I said I would do. Here is a list of the blogs I promised recently:

1: A simple sharpening guide for sharpening disposable blades safely, accurately and to the keenest of edges. COMPLETED HERE

2: An interview with fine furniture maker and teacher Dan Faia. Good advice on steps to becoming one yourself. COMPLETED HERE

3: How to make beautifully shaped and carved wooden spoons efficiently, safely end effectively. Doesn’t matter if you are a child, a teacher, or an adult craftsman or woman. From carving the bowl and handle to chip carving designs. DUE TO START THIS FRIDAY

4: What about carving and shaping walking staffs and beautiful canes. I designed these canes and staffs 25 years ago and developed it into a good sized and successful business. I will tell you how I did it and even give away my designs to make them public domain for life as soon as I work out how best to do it. DUE TO START A WEEK FRIDAY

5: Steps to starting your own business in working with wood. STARTED AND ONGOING SERIES HERE

AurIou rasps; are they as good as people make out?Find out in just a few days. COMPLETED INTRO WILL BE SHOWN IN 3 AND 4 ABOVE
We’ll take a look at another mainline magazine review. Let’s see which one measures up for a review and, indeed, what they have to say that’s worth reading. If we miss out magazines each month it’s because there was little worth reading in them. STARTED AND ONGOING

And there is a lot more stuff in between THAT WE HAVE COMPETED  TOO. JUST AS PROMISED. Keep looking in. I promise these articles will inspire you and give you lots to consider in improving your future in woodworking.

5 thoughts on “Promised blogs done and yet to come”

  1. Did you even finish the explanation of how to build the bottom cabinets your tool chest sits on at the school?

    1. Not yet, I said I would TRY to do it but that was never really on my agenda. I am doing that one as a favour. If you recall I just spent 6 out of 7 months teaching and training in the USA. Now I am back I will get to the next phase. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Paul, you’re amazing! Thanks for all you do. Your’s is the only blog that I check in on regularly because I know I’ll find great info. Looking forward to the upcoming blogs and videos.

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