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Module I -Dovetails and the Box is Done

Three days and Module I – Dovetails for Box Making is completed. Tomorrow we begin Module II –  Housing Dadoes for Book Cases and more continues. Penrhyn Castle workshops is still quite busy and we also enjoy drop-in visitors grabbing a few Autumn days away from city and town life in exchange for the rugged beauty of Snowdonia and the coast of North Wales.

For the class here and now it’s more experiential with hands-on outside their norm. Two doctors and a nurse, a technical engineer and a banker.

A new school leaver finds new sanity after his ‘A’ level exams works opposite an accountant taking early retirement and both find answers at the end of a chisel.

Michael left life as “a shrink” to follow a second career baking in a bakery and wondered about woodworking too. For most here, these dovetailed boxes are their first. Resi likes to work both green and seasoned wood creatively, she comes with a passionate background in woodland craft and education and will join New Legacy later in the year.

I am sure you know something about Phil who is in the second year of his apprenticeship and also combines his many different skills and attributes to make our offerings work in many different spheres. He is just finishing off his tool chest that we are doing on woodworking masterclasses (

So, here in a small effort in a small workshop, Italy (Resi) meets Brazil (Ricardo) and Ireland (Paul) meets Germany (Michael) and then again South Africa (Bernice) meets England (many of us) and all of this in one diverse workshop of different backgrounds in a Castle in North Wales. How amazing is this thing we call life!!!

I finished a pair of elm salad servers for home and remembered the sad loss of elms to the Dutch Elm Disease.




  1. Eddy flynn on 24 September 2013 at 12:36 pm

    It looks like a hive of activity ,Paul how are you finding working at a smaller bench ,is the new shop layout working better for everyone.

    • Paul Sellers on 24 September 2013 at 8:45 pm

      The bench works really well and reduces my ability to clutter. I would rather not have so wide a solid laminated top, but I am used to it now. This bench is enclosed below and has lots of bottom weight that I like too. Yes, the new layout works well too. All around it really is nice and the addition of special lighting gives us daylight visibility.

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