One Spare Bench Place in this Week’s Nine-day

We have one space that just opened up in our upcoming nine-day Foundational Course starting Saturday. Call the school office on 01248 354685 if this is for you. First come first served. We are working on our 2014 schedule now and it’s all pretty exciting to dovetail our days together for you. The slots will be somewhat constrained in the new year but I think everyone will be accommodated.

As we close the preparations for this weekend I can’t help but think back to my own apprenticeship and how I felt on my first day in the workshop. The scent of shavings filled the air, tools lay on the benches and men stood around discussing the day’s new news. Everyone smoked cigarettes in those days and of course brewing tea for all of the men would soon be my job, along with sweeping the shop floor and filling bags with plane shavings.

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