Questions Answered – My Bench, Wood Turning and Others

DSC_0049The answer is yes, my workbench will carry any of the Coronet lathes easily and will indeed be vibration free to boot. I have my Record lathe mounted on one of the school workbenches for when I need to turn something and even yesterday I made buttons for a cardigan my wife just knitted for my granddaughter and froe club for axe work instead of a rubber headed hammer. The workbench in the YouTube videos would be too big for the lathe but can be reduced by removing one of the outer work areas as shown in an image of mine here. If you care to go to my blog here  it will show a wide range of information surrounding the workbench in a series on how to make it and also it deals with core issues surrounding heights and so on. In fact, I have just posted your letter there as it will help others to follow the same path if needed. Re your last question. Again, there is a lot of info on the bench plane there too. Here is a link to get you started. from here you will find dozens of articles I have written on the subject of planes. There are YouTube videos on my YouTube channel too. Here is one to get you started.


NOTE:Just so you know, Paul has a new Workbench series. If you are interested in the updated version of Paul’s workbench please click the button down below. This page links to a cutting list, tools list, FAQS and much more.