Lee Valley & Veritas Hardware Catalog – A good read-source

DSC_0046 I received my new Lee Valley and Veritas Hardware Catalog in the mail this week and started to dog-ear the corners of pages to bring different products I thought really ingenious, useful or ideal for a a project like the tool chest we just finished for www.woodworkingmasterclasses.com here. The problem was that had I carried on I would have dogged all 260 pages. I know what you’re thinking – a hardware catalog!!! What’s so different about a hardware catalog? DSC_0050 Normally I might say the same, but throughout this catalog there is something on almost every page that catches the eye. Innovative products ranging from hardware installation kits to converting regular threaded knobs to be used with hanger bolts so you can screw the knob in instead of boring a hole through. No matter the period in history or the look you want for your newly-finished project, you will find the exact hinge, handle and hanger you need. From Tansu to Mission and Queen Anne to Louis XVI, modern, old, cast, extruded or hand hammered on an anvil this hardware catalog has it. DSC_0048 You can even find hand-hammered nails of different periods. Beyond that there are spring-loaded locks and traditional box locks. DSC_0097 I ordered some items for my tool chest that would have taken me hours to find elsewhere. I am a man who likes to see what he’s putting on his furniture projects before he buys. DSC_0056 I want to feel the quality and feel how it will compliment my work. Well, the photographs and illustrations provide me with assurance that what I see is what I will be getting.
DSC_0051 I cannot overstate the quality of this hardware catalog. It’s inspiring, informative well categorised and above all it saves me time finding the impossible in the haystack of hardware products. DSC_0047 It’s a resource for every woodworker no matter their budget and needs, but beyond that it’s a resource for historians and research and especially for conservators and those involved in restoration work. Schools, colleges and universities too can find what they need and with most hardware items we woodworkers use being small, it meets with few international boundaries and restrictions.
No, the pulls on my chest are not from Lee Valley & Veritas they are hand made designs by me. I will be doing a blog and a video on making these, but they do have a wide range of wooden handles too, rubber ones and a wonderful range for children’s products. One I really liked for confined areas was a pop out knob that lies flush and pops like a button from its recess when needed. Get the catalog and a]have a good read. Plan your next project around the hardware now you know where you can find what you need.


  1. Some time ago, before I discovered your DVDs and blog, I sent away for their free tool catalog. Even though I had no idea what to buy or even if I should buy from them at all. I had nothing to lose and thought that I could learn something from just looking at the photos of the tools and reading the terse descriptions. And the Veritas catalogs have been great for that. Before the catalogs were not that intelligible to me but now after following your blog and discs, the descriptions of tools and their purposes are much clearer to me, so the catalogs have been a sort of benchmark.

  2. Hi Paul.Do you know of anywhere in the UK to buy Veritas hardware ( or other good quality fittings…for your tool chest initially),please? Regards,Dave.

    1. Did you not want to buy directly from Canada. Shipping is only 7 days. My reason for suggesting them is the assurance of quality. Screwfix has good hinges though and they sell a box of drawn brass hinges for about £10 for 10 pairs of 2 1/2″. They are very nice quality. They sell the slitted head brass screws separately and they are good too. Side handles I actually got from B&Q, surprise, surprise and they are very nice quality. But I have ordered a second pair from Lee Valley Veritas because in making the films it was necessary to make two boxes for practical reasons and efficiency.

    1. Thanks,Paul…though when you’ve heard it you may change your mind! All the best,Dave.

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