Our schedule of courses for 2014 will be limited this coming year so we wanted to post the schedule to help everyone plan well ahead for their bench space. We will be holding five of our Nine-day Foundational Courses with a maximum of 8 paying students* per course.

Please visit the New Legacy website here for current information on the school and the upcoming workshops.

The Foundational course has proven ever popular in improving the more in-depth insights needed for new and developing woodworkers seeking to develop their woodworking skills. Because we have a limited number of places this year we anticipate fully-booked workshop classes once again so please consider your schedule as soon as possible and book your bench space. For overseas attendees we will help you with planning your visit directly we hear from you and will answer any queries to smooth your passage to the UK.


Discovering woodworking is not so much for new woodworkers only but those new to traditional woodworking and in particular hand tool methods of work. New and seasoned woodworkers readily follow an even-paced course surrounding the essentials that help them to discover the real power of hand tools in the woodshop. Throughout the two days students develop the skills and techniques used by European masters for centuries; techniques that make woodworking interesting, dynamic and fun. We begin by demolishing the many myths and mysteries that now confuse the simplicity of sharpening planes, chisels, saws and scrapers. Hands-on benchwork combines with interactive demonstrations and lectures to establish a more thorough understanding of the materials we work with and the tools and techniques everyone must master to get started in real woodworking.

DSC_0068Penrhyn Castle in North Wales is one of the National Trust’s most prestigious properties and Britain’s areas of outstanding natural beauty. Our New Legacy workshops are in the Castle proper and our immediate and extended surroundings are the most beautiful areas in the whole of Wales and Britain too. It’s a haven for tourists to discover the rich and diverse culture of the Welsh people and it’s also conducive to learning a new craft

Beyond the Castle walls our students this past year came from the USA and Canada, Sweden, Holland and Ireland. They came from Brazil, Mexico, Germany Dubai and throughout Britain too and the list from around the world over two decades of training woodworkers would be too exhaustive. Plan your bench space at Penrhyn Castle with me and we will help you plan your trip to our beautiful North Wales school.
The second most major international airport in Britain serving the North West region of Britain at Manchester is less than two hours from North Wales by car or train. Again, if we can help you in planning your trip please contact www.woodworkingschool.com See you in the new year.

DSC_0003Limited bench spaces this coming year means booking as early as possible. We keep the classes to a comfortable size and encourage students to book their space at the bench as early as possible. By their nature, the classes are always interactive, stimulating and diverse and it’s this that makes our courses ever popular.  This year we will have only 40 paid places* in our 2-day Discovering Woodworking courses and 40 paid places* in the nine-day Foundational courses. Please plan ahead early to avoid disappointment as we will no longer be able to offer overspill classes as in times past.

Please follow this link to see the dates available.

* We sometimes offer sponsored scholarships on the courses. However, classes will have an absolute maximum of 10 people on each course.

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  1. carlosjcollazo on 29 October 2013 at 6:06 am

    Very excited about this and the prospect of attending!

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