An Anniversary Year Worth Celebrating

DSC_0066A year has quickly passed since the Woodworking Masterclasses became an online broadcast reality. Creating film that reaches enthusiasts far beyond my workbench has become a dream come true for me and now we are reaching those who would never make it to a class in a school, bringing the kind of instruction we felt would provide as near at-the-bench instruction as possible. Here is a short video WWMC put together to show what we’ve done this past year. Today, thousands of woodworkers worldwide are learning their craft through online broadcast that really works. As I grow older I see fewer and fewer craftsmen and women teaching their craft from experiential backgrounds. Here, today, we have snatched something back. In the months and years to come our films will become moire expansive than ever. With over 40 hours of film this past year alone, we are paving the way for others to become top artisans with skills and abilities they might never have gained before.

Thanks woodworkingmaserclasses and all of you behind-the-scene people that make this happen, thanks to all you friends on the forums that make them so full of vibrant life.

8 thoughts on “An Anniversary Year Worth Celebrating”

  1. Thank you Paul for your tireless work to pass on the passion for working wood , i and many others are forever grateful thanks

  2. James W Adamson

    I belive that Mr Sellers not only gives us lashings of knowlege but some thing that sits deeper with in us all. That is the necessity to use our senses, Get to grip with our own hands and enjoy making something.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Paul,

    This must be a good time of month for startup – I just celebrated my fifth anniversary yesterday! Congratulations on your anniversary, and thank you for providing all the informative content and sharing your knowledge and experience.


  4. Paul, (and team), firstly thank you very much for your hard work on WWMC, and congratulations on a successful first year! I’m very tempted to become a paying member for the next year. I know I won’t regret it. I only recently became interested in woodworking (about a year ago) and tried various equipment before realising the simple, traditional methods you teach have a lot more to offer than people even allow time for, and you’ve proved that hand tools can be just as efficient and (in my opinion) more rewarding than so much power-tool work. The power tools have their place, but I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to this rewarding way of working wood. It’s been inspirational, thank you, and I’ve not even become a paying member yet.

    However, Paul, did you realise your secret of your skills is finally out? I paused the video briefly at 1:28 to allow it to buffer on my slow internet connection (the close up shot where you’re reaching for the tool tote), to see… a half-eaten packet of ‘nice’ biscuits! 🙂

  5. Paul,

    Shortly before you posted this video I finally finished my very own Paul Sellers workbench! I was so excited to finish it and feel the empowering effect of having one of the most crucial tools in the workshop. That led to a reflection of how much I have learned from your videos in the past year. I have skills now that I don’t know how or when I would have acquired in any other way. So I want to offer a great big THANK YOU for taking the time to write your blog and create these videos. I can’t wait for each new video on Wednesdays and I check your blog everyday, excited to glean from your wisdom. I’ve been working with machines for years, but now find much more peace and fulfillment from working with hand tools. I hope you’ll keep doing this for at least another 4 years so I can finish my apprenticeship! 🙂

  6. G’day Paul

    What you supply is something much more than the sum of just one thing. I hope that there are many years to come of the knowledge and interpretations of this pursuit that comes under the modest banner of woodworking from yourself and the people in the background that facilitate the process. On a personal note, I hope I can find the additional time to maximise the resource you are supplying. All the best, and here is to more of the same. Thanks.

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