Go to the North of England Woodworking Show

DSC_0109It’s the last day of the North of England Woodworking Show show tomorrow. I suggest you don’t miss what this show has to offer. Yes, some of the commercial vendors are the same as ever, but stop and talk to some of the behind the scenes people and you get to real people making their living and doing their best. When I say talk to the behind the scenes people I mean the ones sitting in the background, on chairs they made, at ding by their rocking horses. DSC_0106Ask for a demo from the demoing staffers in the booths and ask questions, lots of questions. I found that everyone was friendly and really open to passing on really good information. Like for instance, back in the USA and Canada, I am very familiar with the investment companies have made in their technical advances in the diverse range of products ranging from tools to wood finishes and sharpening alternatives to abrasives. I have always worked with them in their own countries and united with them here in the UK. I see them as valuable resources we know work and will work for you over the next few months.
Take time to go to the secondhand tool specialist too. I found hard to find tools there, especially gouges, hundreds of them, but I also found hand stitched riflers tucked away there too. There is tons to see, do and learn from.
DSC_0139I am sending this out at the late hour to make certain all of you get the opportunity to go. I will post more pictures later or tomorrow with a follow up blog and pictures.

Meanwhile be inspired, inspire others, spend time at the show while you can. SK Promotions will be hosting their newest show venue at their Midlands Show in the very beautiful old market town of Newark in the springtime of 2014 and all being well I will be going there too to see what more we can do to keep the art and craft of woodworking vibrant and alive for the next generations of woodworkers.