Life in a Pine Cone – Hedgehogs in the Making

DSC_0006Hedgehogs grow along the main branches of this particular species of pine. They often fall off after they are matured to a certain level and the seeds continue to grow inside the cone. They then dry on the warmth of sunshine and the leaves are released.

DSC_0009In this case the hedgehog hibernated and that’s when I came on the scene. I used a wire bruch to renive the green mossy surface from between the conical points.

DSC_0010I sliced off the bottom to make it flat. This can be done with a tenon saw without damaging the tenon saw. The cone is densely hard and solid.

I sanded the bottom flat, but, if you can find a way to hold it, you can also plane it flat.

DSC_0013I glued the hedgehog to a flat board with a dab of super glue. Thus should be enough to hold it while you carve the face.

DSC_0015I used the chisel, bevel down, to carve three scallops to form the face. One centred and one either side of the first top scallop.

DSC_0020I poked to holes for eyes with the awl.

DSC_0025I finished the surfaces with shellac. But you can leave it natural. Before I applied shellac, I superglued the face to seal it. This prevents the cone opening on the severed parts.DSC_0037

6 thoughts on “Life in a Pine Cone – Hedgehogs in the Making”

  1. Those are great Paul, thanks for showing us how you make them.

    Unfortunately we probably do not have that species pine in the US. In Texas it is mainly Southern Yellow Pine, as you know.

  2. Brilliant. Thank you. My son loved collected pine cones last Fall for a grade school project. He even drew them. I know he’s going to love these hedgehogs. Great intro to woodcraft for him.

  3. Paul those are cool, but like tman I live in Central Florida not far from Disney and the choice tree here is a Palm Tree. These are pretty much good for nothing except make pretty Landscape.

    Thanks for sharing, you have shown some neat projects.


    1. Yeah! I realise not everyone has access to these, but there are issues with shipping as It is illegal to ship cones to the US. Otherwise I could send you a bagful.

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