This Week’s Work Seems So Right

Something Seems So Right About My Work.
The saw I sharpened after filing off all of the teeth is now fully sharpened using my introduction of a micro-bevel back-bevel to each tooth using the EZE-Lap diamond hone (medium works well) and my quick-set system using a nail punch (set US) method. The saws terrible neglect is now ing the past and it cuts as well as any premium saw you care to name. 1 piece of masking tape each side of the plate and a couple of passes with the the same EZE-Lap detail file dresses the teeth to perfection and a new video will be up soon to show the whole process of restoring a junker to classic from clunker. Watch out for it here. I will post when it’s ready.DSC_0009DSC_0001DSC_0002
Is it the Rarest Preston Plane of All?
The Preston #14 I bought is working like the very best of any well-used Leonard Bailey #4 developed Bailey-pattern plane. This man, Leonard Bailey, may or may not be acknowledged in the design of this plane by different makers but makers of any copied plane should really attribute all of the their work to the makers by including their name in the sole casting. DSC_0086The Bed Rock plane was well made but became the failed product of Stanley back in the early 1940’s when they abandon the plane altogether. I think that the most brilliant design from the Stanley stable was truly reflected in the massive disparity in the sales between the two types. Anyway, another Bailey-pattern plane arrived this week and I will tell you about this additional rare plane later.
The Class Goes Well
Yes, we are progressing and part way through the second project. Skill must be earned by diligent and honest work and that’s what’s happening minute by minute. Sometimes we lose sight of what’s really taking place in pursuit of perfection and sometimes nothing seems very relaxed. I offer advice but the final decision is not mine. The tools are working more to command now than when they first began. The results are working and confidence has increased a hundredfold. Tomorrow we complete the second project.DSC_0063DSC_0015DSC_0058DSC_0026
The New Lamp Project Starts Next Wednesday
DSC_0015If you are not yet signed in with you won’t be able to watch this series. It’s for paying members, but there are many other videos available for free if you are subscribed as a non-paying member.

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Work Seems So Right”

  1. Excited to see the lamp project. I saw you mention it a while back and I do think I’ll be following along with that one. I think my hand tool workshop is close to fully equipped. This week I got my diamond stones and chrome oxide, a spokeshave and saw set, which rounds out most of what I was feeling the lack of. I’m totally on board your honing process now. It took overcoming some skepticism after having micro bevels talked about wherever you look. But all of my chisels and most of my planes now have sharper irons than ever before, in a fraction of the time it used to take. Thanks again for doing what you’re doing. It’s appreciated on many levels.

  2. So looking forward to clunker to classic saw restoration video. In desperate need of established skill. Want to pass along knowledge and skill down to my children & grandkids someday. They have shown interest in woodworking…Thank you!

  3. I’m waiting to see how you do the setting with a punch. Is this what is referred to as “hammer setting” ? Keep up the good work!

  4. looks to be something as simple as a few 1x or 2x stock glued or screwed together. I had to do similar types of “boosters” for my kids when they were younger.

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