More New Beginnings Tomorrow

This week I bought one of my favourite planes on eBay because it was a good looking plane and the condition seemed to me to be beyond fair. Actually, it’s my favourite apart from the maker. I like Record and Stanley equally but prefer Stanleys because they developed it first. I passed the plane to John when it arrived and said, “£12.99.” They do usually go higher and especially when the seller goes to a little trouble to clean up as in the case of this seller. DSC_0002John was impressed too. Shipping was the usual two days and it arrived in plastic bubbles and well wrapped. Shipping was a very fair£3. Some of you will know my healthy respect for Leonard Bailey and I like planes with his name in the casting because I think his name should be recognized there. Unfortunately it’s missing on Records so they generally take second place.
Imagine a culture that sells fine tools like this for just a few pounds and with a pedigree dating back to the 1860’s. How amazing is that that no plane made since the beginning of the last century really improves on what was established all this decades ago.


My deacon’s bench moved further along today though I just went in to sort and stare and pick up some tools and sweep the floor a little. That’s the beauty of Sundays for me. John and I chatted over some elements of chairmaking past and present. Triangular stiffening and such like that. We picked up some beech limbs in the woods and also some birch. We’ll dry some for spindles for our research and trialing shortly. That’s for when we expand training on chairmaking some time down the road.

Tomorrow it’s new beginnings and that means more wood, different tools than last week changes in methods and strategies to anything we have made on woodworking masterclasses before using techniques you most likely have never seen before too. If that interests you then you might enjoy following progress on the blog this week.

2 thoughts on “More New Beginnings Tomorrow”

  1. nice buy Paul i’m sure you get different ebay to me you get some nice bargains that looks like it it is ready to work,i’m sure john could of sat on that bench on the floor if he knew where the brush lived, looking forward to this weeks blog posts .

  2. George Wilson

    In relation to chair making, I recall going to a woodworking show in Glasgow SECC and someone was doing a demo on shaping the bottom area for a seat. It was cold outside, so I was insulated for it. I had a shot a hollowing out the seat area with a ‘homemade’ spokeshave of some form; by the time I had finished all the insulation layers were off and the sweat was dripping from my forehead. Talk about a cardiovascular workout. Who would need to pay a membership for a gym when they are chairmaking!

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