2014 Craftsman-style Rocking Chair Workshop September

2014 Rocking Chair Workshop Scheduled UK Only
DSC_0802It’s the only one I’m doing for a while. I know many of you have wanted to attend my Craftsman-style rocking chair workshop and some of you live outside the UK but you don’t need to be disappointed. Many attendees come over from the USA and mainland Europe as well as the middle east and other regions.  This class scheduled for 20-28 September 12014 will be held here in Penrhyn Castle and is limited to 10 attendees only. Unfortunately I will not be teaching the course elsewhere for the foreseeable future so please consider signing in as early as your schedule planning allows. Flights and accommodations should not be prohibitive with current exchange rates and it would be wonderful to see yet another truly international group attending.

Generally recommended attendees complete a required foundational course but we will be offering a special three-day preparation course designed to prepare you for this Unique Craftsman-style rocker course. To find out more please contact the school at [email protected] or visit woodworkingschool.com.

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  1. Any chance you guys can film this class and make it available as a Woodworking Masterclasses project? It would be great for those of who can’t be in class.

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