Does Paul Sellers Know Anything About Woodworking? (Update)

Who is Paul Sellers anyway?

The question posed to me is this; “What is the relevant technical skill and experience of Paul Sellers?” This question is asked in relation to my technical skills and abilities in woodworking, writing on woodworking and presenting woodworking.

It seems an interesting request and although I will be responding by pointing to many photographs, drawings and videos, it would be great to have some personal endorsements from you. I think this kind of personal testimonial will mean much more than just my own presentation.


How you answer this is up to you. You may have met me decades ago, months ago or only a few days ago or you may only know me from social media, my blog, online broadcast or somewhere else.

I think it would be helpful to capture the testaments from the length and breadth of the work I have done as well as the substance and depth where this applies.

I receive dozens of comments and emails in a given week that express warmth and appreciation of what I do but this is an opportunity for us to organise your input in a systematic way.

So, please let me know how long you’ve known about me, what has impacted your life by my work or anything else that you feel has helped you personally. 

This is not me fishing for compliments but for a specific purpose that will not be publicly available immediately. but we will find some way of publishing the results here or another site in the future so that you can see the results. 

Thank you for taking the time to do this for me.

Update 6 June 2014:

Just by way of an update. Your supportive response  has indeed been as wonderful as ever and very gratifying for me so thank you for taking the time to make it happen. Also, please don’t feel left out if you have something to contribute too. I can already see that my work has been more than worth the effort it’s taken to make a difference and preserve my craft. If you still want to add your weight to all of this please do so.