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Cutting New Teeth – A Saw Toothing Retro For Worldwide Woodworkers

A Method With Guaranteed Accurate Results

Within the industry the machine used to recut saw teeth on handsaws and back saws is called a toothing machine. This machine stamps out new teeth as the saw passes along a track in incremental stops according to the number of points or teeth per inch required. It’s fast and effective and basically creates the new teeth in readiness first for shaping if required and then the final stage of sharpening. DSC_0002Owning one is overkill for any woodworker and so too the filer or sharpener. Within the next 24 hours we will be launching a YouTube video that will revolutionise aspects of retrosharpening your woodworking hand saws. The method means you can work on saws of every size from say the small dovetail saw on up to large handsaws. It’s extreme to say the least but if you follow the pattern I have established as one we practice in saw restoration all the time, it means that you can file off all of the teeth of your saw and recut new ones in a few minutes. The end result is a saw that matches the very best of the best.

DSC_0045 DSC_0043

Why the Need to Cut New Teeth

The reason new saws sell well is woodworkers have in general lost the skills of sharpening their own. The key selling point by decent makers is that they work straight from the box. In reality, however, unless you intend sending them off, and all of the expense that incurs, your going to have to learn to sharpen your own. You may as well start from the get go and you may be apprehensive at so daunting a task.

DSC_0034Secondhand saws on the other hand often arrive with dull and well worn teeth and that’s the fear that makes us apprehensive about secondhand buying. The methods we show in the video provide an easy remedy for exactly this type of situation. When hand, saws arrive with a good plate, nice back and lovely handle, but the teeth are too bad to sharpen and need removing, it takes about three minutes to file them off and just a few more to cut in the new ones to dead sizing according to your preference. This video is one we know you will love. But, on the other hand, this video is not just for older saws or secondhand ones. You might also have a saw with say 20 teeth to the inch. Not many can sharpen a 20 TPI saw  with the accuracy needed because its all too easy to file out a tooth you might not even be able to see. In this case you can still remove the teeth and get ready for the revolution of cutting new ones.


These are all eBy saws and just a fraction of the ones I have restored through the years.

Hacksaws cut teeth much faster than filing and they cost a fraction of the cost of a saw file. The new video gives guaranteed results using a method for transforming useless saws into  top-notch ones. New or old, your saw teeth will be better than ever in a matter of a few minutes work. Tomorrow it will be yours on YouTube!


  1. John Moore on 25 September 2014 at 2:43 am

    Thank you for making all saws I ever come across at every yard sale, flea market, antique store, and new makers something I can invest in if I want to. Sweet skillset to have!

  2. Cam on 16 September 2016 at 1:38 am

    Mr. Sellers, I have to thank you for sharing this method with the world. As with many things you have shared in the past, present, and so forth, it leaves one scratching one’s head as to how a person could be so generous. Truly, I have to believe you have been responsible for giving many people a start on a new lifestyle and career. A big thing for one man, certainly. So, a million times over, thank you!

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