Woodworker’s Tool Chest – Replication Means Multiplication

DSC_0023I have decided to make the tool chest shown here and make it a series on my blog. Enough people have said that they would like this so I will post the cutting list shortly. Choose your own wood. I think this will be a most enjoyable task and I will work on it as I teach the upcoming Craftsman Style Rocking Chair. It is simple enough for new woodworkers to make and progress their skills by and then they will have a good place to stow their tools safely.


We have a couple of places left in the remaining Foundational Courses later this year but please sign up as soon as you can set your schedule because I think they will fill. Above is the classroom. Below are the chairs we make in a few days time.

7 comments on “Woodworker’s Tool Chest – Replication Means Multiplication

  1. Marvellous I think I now know what I will be getting for Christmas now its just up to me to making it .. an even better Christmas present 🙂
    look forward to the series
    TIA Paul

  2. We’ve seen him make the bench top one with drawers already. This one has tills as pictured. A traditional tool chest. Much more flexible in terms of storage capacity. Drawers can be limiting. The first thing I will be putting in the bottom of mine will be my #7 plane. I think mine will be just an inch or so longer than my longest plane.

  3. This will be a nice series and one I want to build myself. I still plan on building the original one with drawers but trying to collect the right wood for it, I don’t want to use pine on that one.


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