Joinery dogs video is up on YouTube!

DSC_0009Some time back I wrote a blog on using spring joints for edge joining boards for laminated tops like panels and tables. In that article I showed how to make and use joinery dogs or nail dogs for an alternative method when clamps are scarce. They work amazingly and often better than clamps too.

Here is the video


8 thoughts on “Joinery dogs video is up on YouTube!”

  1. Why do you put the the ends of the two boards on a pencil (rather than on the bench top) before you put them in the vise for planing?

    1. Two fixed points at the ends of the boards aligns the two ends. Any discrepancy then will be between these two points and that’s where the refining is needed.

  2. Alfred Kraemer

    I have two Osborne dogs that are very good but I d like to buy some 2 or 3 inch dogs. Where did you get yours – or did you make them yourself?

    Thank you


  3. Many manufacturers of PVA glue claim that you need quite a bit of clamping pressure for the glue to bond correctly. Titebond recommends ~200 psi.
    What is your opinion of this?

    1. I don’t really get into maker recommendations too much. They are glue makers not craftsmen. At the bench I have tested rub joints against clamped joints and found no discernible difference. You generally do not need a lot of clamps, but many woodworkers don’t take out surface deformities and do clamp out the deformities and rely on the glue to hold what really shouldn’t be. That’s why glue makers say you need many clamps. So, that said, thick glue lines along badly jointed edges where the joints are not closed by pressure don’t compensate for a thin line, and a thinner glue line is stronger than a thick one regardless of the glue type.

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