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P1030512The next hands-on nine-day workshop filled straightaway and the next one will begin June 19-27 2015. That’s a Friday start date with no days off throughout the nine days of class.


I’ve taught this workshop since I first developed it in the 1990’s. I cannot tell you how many lives it’s changed and continuous to change. When I began my work training others and passing on skills it was from the direct relationship to my craft, an extension of my life as a furniture maker and crafting artisan and never as a teacher. I’m still a maker and always have been even though our outreach as teachers and apprenticers is bigger and more wide reaching than ever before.


The first two classes of the year filled more quickly than ever before which shows the demand for real woodworking is continuing to grow. This is no surprise to me at all, people are looking deeper into their lives in search of meaning and fulfilment. Woodworking has a way of transforming people’s lives and that’s my main goal. Aldo, unfortunately we’ve cut back a little on the number of courses we can offer this year too. Please book your bench-space early if you are planning on coming to North Wales.

Month-long Intensive this year


Many of you asked if we would be holding a month-long intensive again and we ware holding one this year in September. If you are interested in a more intense multi-project furniture making course concluding with the Craftsman-style Rocking Chair or an armed dining chair this course will prove of great value to you. PICT8761In this course we will be building a large chest to my design. The chest is more cabinet making course for learning the art of raised panel door making by hand, drawer making and making large scaled dovetailed boxes as cabinets. DSC_0025This is a hybrid of my traditional joiner’s tool chest and the cabinet maker’s tool chest you may have seen around my shop or in some the other  month-long workshops held here and in the USA. I have changed the design to become a rock solid foundation course in this type of construction. The drawer making has both through and half lap dovetails and sliding dovetailed dividers too. Quite an interesting project throughout.


The coffee table is a trestle-type table made from solid oak. It has a dovetailed apron, my design and very unusual, through tenons and a series of blind tenons to create the pedestal end frames. The techniques used to build this table are transferable to full sized dining tables of the same or similar design.P1030502

To ensure all students are similarly skilled and prepared, students must have attended our foundational course or a preparation five-day course planned a few days before the month-long.PICT0205

Places for this class are limited to eight students only. Please contact the school as early as possible to avoid disappointment and also for additional details if this course is of interest to you. I will gladly answer any questions you might have.


11 comments on “Hands-on Workshops With Paul

  1. Hi Paul

    That’s a very nice coffee table, do you have any plans to show how to build that on Masterclasses?

    • Our upcoming table making project is currently being filmed now and it follows the same style. You can scale it down from that one, so, yes, it will be available there soon.

  2. Sounds great. Unfortunately I can’t afford to fly outside the US. 🙁 I’m sure it will be a great blessing for all who attend.

  3. With so much happening, are we likely to see the video of building the transitional plane (blogs 22 February 2015 & 3 March 2015) any time soon? We, my son & I, have found Paul’s instructions on building various tools by hand to have been both useful & enjoyable.

    Also, we’re looking forward to the video on making a bow saw that Paul said in the comments section of his blog from 4 May 2014 was shot about a year ago.

    • We have the plane planned shortly. It’s filmed and edited and it’s queued as a free video series. Seems we have difficulty finding space to slot things in because we do work so hard and give from our all. I decided against the bowsaw for now because there was something I was concerned with over a safety issue that though unlikely could happen.

      • It really is amazing to me how much you and the team give and care. I know safety is my own responsibility but it’s still nice to know that you would hold back a project if you had cause for concern.

      • Glad to see the plane project coming along. I’m sad about the bowsaw one. I’ve been wanting to see that for months. I want to make a bow saw. Yours is a beautiful tool. I’ve looked around for one second-hand but not a lot out there. Certainly not anything that comes close to that one I’ve seen you use in the videos sparingly.

  4. I would love to attend a 9 day foundational course but can’t afford to do so in the UK. Any plans to hold such a class in the US?

  5. I’m new to woodworking and need a little help scaling down the plans. I really enjoyed your trestle table woodworking masterclass that just ended, but would like specifics on how to make it into a coffee table. What would the dimensions and cut list be? How would I adapt it from what you made in order to make a coffee table (especially the cross bearers)? Any advice would be very helpful.

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