Nine days of benchwork class.

Grass is mown.
Hedges trimmed.
Flowers are out.

Phew! Mowed the grass for the upcoming 9-day workshop starting Friday morning. Can’t have the place looking shabby. Managed to get the box hedging trimmed and clipped in the walled garden too. DSC_0019Everywhere is looking good for the midday walks and that last hour before the gates shut. Flowers look stunning and will be at their peak throughout the next two months.DSC_0015DSC_0026

DSC_0023We just finished off the making of the dining table today so that’s always a great relief. This has been very rewarding for me as it’s been a few years since I made one of these. Soon this will be viewed by thousands of woodworkers who now distance apprentice with us around the world and just knowing that that’s happening every week has unexpectedly been one of the greatest rewards I have ever known.DSC_0080

It’s an amazing thing that I am still apprenticing one on one with people like John, Leah, Sam and Phil, and seeing my craft in such good hands. P1010781What a strategy! And the training directly with a class full of students every few weeks, 5,500 so far over the past 20 or so years now. More than that though, now we are also reaching around the world to many multiples of thousands. P1030032Training from my background as a mere woodworker is unbelievably special. Who would have thought when this skinny runt of a boy stood in bib and brace overalls that he would outreach using a computer when nothing he knew involved anything but chisels and planes let along there was no such thing as the world wide web. How many people do we possibly reach? We reach over a million people every month. Wow! Now that’s the real power of power-tool woodworking at its best.


Phil’s on his way to the shop. We are both looking forward to Friday and sharing our creative workspace with yet another full class. Getting the wood ready tomorrow, shop cleanup. Love it!

5 thoughts on “Nine days of benchwork class.”

  1. Hi Paul,
    I didn’t know you also maintained some of the grounds at Penrhyn! I guess that all part of the deal. Do you also do woodwork restoration work for them? If so, it would be interesting to hear about that too (- if you are allowed by The National Trust to blog about such matters). All the best!

  2. Cliff Williams

    It’s about time a TV channel signed you up and gave you your own series. It would be SSoooo much more interesting than having to listen about the up-coming election.

    How is your next book coming along please Paul??

    Best regards and thanks,

  3. Count me as one of your apprentices in Australia even though I haven’t met you. Am currently building your bench. I have never done so much planing and sharpening.

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