Nudging our YouTube subscription

You have been such an incredible inspiration and support through the years and I have a favour to ask. Will you help us to nudge our YouTube subscription numbers over the 100,000 landmark a little sooner by subscribing, if you haven’t, and then recommending us to your woodworking friends? We are better able to expand our audience and pass on all that I’ve learned about woodworking over the past 50 years through my YouTube account. Your vouching for the work  we do means a lot and this also means the craft will be preserved through the lived lives of those learning to master the art of woodworking.

Thanks for your support. As soon as we reach the 100,000 mark we will release a video on how to make a pair of hardwood winding sticks.

31 comments on “Nudging our YouTube subscription

  1. Hi Greg,

    You would need a Google/YouTube account to subscribe. You can do it by following the link above and clicking the ‘Subscribe’ button over in the right hand side under the banner image of Paul in the shop.

    Please don’t worry about it if you aren’t already active on YouTube.

  2. I was shocked to find I wasn’t already a subscriber. I spend enough time there but somehow never pushed the button.



  3. Tried to get an account, won’t take my email, wouldn’t let me create a new account either. Will try again tomorrow. Anything to help this man.

  4. I have been a subscriber ever since I saw your first video on Aldi chisels and flattening and sharpening. I would flood them and subscribe multiple times if possible. Not being possible, I do drop your name every chance that I get. You have taught me so much and in just a short time! Keep up the great work. You my man are an inspiration.

  5. Hi parks2167,
    I believe you need a Google (Gmail or YouTube etc) account in order to subscribe to YouTube channels.

  6. I’m the same – always banging on about Paul Sellers whenever someone asks me how I learnt about wood working and ‘handy man stuff’ as they usually call it. To anyone who hasn’t subscribed to YouTube channels before it’s handy to do because you can get notifications whenever something new is released.

  7. Unfortunately, my aging first gen IPad no longer is supported by YouTube. If anyone knows a way around this please let me know.

  8. I already subscribe. If you want more subscribers I suggest adding more videos more often

    I have not visited your channel in months because I’ve already watched them all. There is no incentive for me to return

    • Oh and I’m really looking forward to the dining chair series; I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now.

  9. Sounds a bit harsh. I’m sure Paul does the best he can to get new content on there regularly. He is involved in many things not just making videos. Anyway there is already hours of videos to watch. A great incentive for new subscribers if you ask me. Which is what he was asking for.
    If you’ve already watched them all and feel there are not enough new ones going up then that has nothing to do with it.
    I’d still recommend people subscribe to his channel even if he didn’t make any more new ones from today on. By subscribing you’re showing your support if nothing else. It doesn’t cost you a cent so why complain about how often videos are added? Be grateful he’s made any. It’s comments like this that remind me why I’ve never bothered to make a video myself.

    • Actually, I think many of the regular visitors thought they were indeed subscribed and surprised themselves by finding they weren’t. The nudge was worth it for that alone that alone. We do have a stack of videos filmed but we keep three film editors going with work and most people don’t really understand how much work we take to create content that’s, one, real, two, quality, and three honest as we can get it to preserve the best of the past for the best of the future woodworkers.

  10. Quote= “I have not visited your channel in months because I’ve already watched them all. There is no incentive for me to return” – what sort of comment is that!!

    There is a lot of free information in those YouTube videos and some are quite long – where else can you get information like that for nothing.

    At least I have purchased Paul’s book and DVD’s in the past, the guy deserves some sort of payback for all that he does.

    To me he teaches as it is ….

  11. I’m glad I could help 😀
    I’m a youtube and a woodworkingmasterclasses subscriber, and like very much both, and sometime I even make references in my very small woodworking blog (

    I’m always in 2 modes, watching the new video or waiting for the next 😀

    Thanks Master Paul Sellers and team.

  12. Subscribed as well. I mostly read your blog as it is easier to while I am at work, and I have viewed the odd video from a link. But now I have browsed your channel, the amount of content on Youtube is fantastic!

  13. Subscribed. I really appreciate your channel. The information you share has helped me find answers to countless questions as I work to develop new skills. Sometimes it takes me a lot longer than I’d like to get the results I want. Frustration can set in and tempt me to throw down cash for a table saw. But your videos give me the encouragement to resist.

    My current project just happens to be an attempt at turning rough lumber into winding sticks. As a novice, my progress is slow going so I am anxiously looking forward to seeing your new how to video released! I’m encouraging people to subscribe and was excited to see that you’ve past 99K.

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