Essential Woodworking Hand Tools by Paul Sellers

Essential Woodworking Hand Tools

Getting started has become evermore important to more and more people and I think the hand tools I use create a passage into lifestyle woodworking whether you earn your living from it or simply enjoy woodworking. Here’s the thing. Questions about hand tools still come in every day and people are looking for real answers. Which tools do you buy? How do you set them up, sharpen them and use them? Every one of the hand tools essential to fine woodworking has its own idiosyncrasies so I’ve written down everything I know about them from my 50 years woodworking. The work is just about done and the presses are just about ready to roll. Here is how my new book Essential Woodworking Hand Tools is looking right now. It will be out mid November so I will let you know the exact details soon. I am grateful to Ryan Cowan for the wonderful care he took in creating real images that matter in conveying my work. Thanks Ryan!Essential Woodworking Hand Tools copy (1)


  1. Congratulations on completing this Paul. It deserves to be a highly influential book, so here’s hoping it will be a best Seller (pun intended).

  2. about time Mr Sellers ,i was beginning to think this book was fiction ,cant wait really looking forward to it

  3. Fantastic Paul! Congratulations! I’m sure it will be a great addition the annals of woodworking Waiting patiently for when and where to purchase my copies. OK, maybe not patiently, but waiting non the less. ?


  4. Wonderful news. Can’t wait for my copy. Between you and LAP, I’ll be up to my neck in reading. Thanks

  5. Congratulations, Paul! That looks to be a hefty tome, no wonder you’ve been at it for awhile.

    1. We are committed to making sure everyone can get their copy so there will be no problem, Tom.

  6. Congratulations Paul! I love the fact that you always go back to the fundamentals and this book appears to do just that. It will be a wonderful lesson in many respects. Thank you.


  7. Out of curiosity what font have you used and what paper stock is it printed on? I’ll have to get one of these for Christmas!

  8. Congratulations Paul! I would certainly like to be among the happy owners. I do wish it were mid November tomorrow.

  9. Love the cover photo, Paul – no clean-up, just real world woodworking. We are all blessed by your teaching. Mid-November cannot arrive soon enough!

  10. Sir, I am impatiently awaiting this book. I have thought several times of asking of you for a resource just like this. But then thought who am I to demand. Thank you.

  11. Same as everyone, I’m excited for the release of the new book. Thanks again for all of the effort. Your wisdom and honesty are greatly appreciated. I’ve learned a great deal from all of the videos and the blog. Hope to see you in San Francisco sometime! Cheers

  12. Me too. Great to see you have written a book. Your writing style on the blog is very good and clear to follow.

  13. My 70th end of November…..guess what I’ll be asking for AND signed…..
    I did mention some time ago to Joseph about a calendar using your sketches

    Thank you Mr Sellers…….John (2vices)

  14. Paul “Congratulation”, I will be buying one also. If you have a list put me on it please. Will be buying through you or a bookstore ?

    Thanks can’t wait until it becomes available.


  15. Paul I would like to join the stampede in buying your new book. I already have the artisan course and I am more than pleased. Continued success.

  16. Paul,

    Any update on the new book? Looking to order or pre-order. Thanks again for another great book.


  17. Hey Paul, Any update on the release or how to purchase? I know your standards and that you have put a lot of work into making this and every product a masterpiece so I understand it may be taking a little extra time to ensure your quality. Would love to have this for myself and a couple more for friends and family members for Christmas! Also willing to pay extra for an autographed copy!

  18. Paul, there’s not many books I collect, This looks like one that would be a vital part for any wood worker! I plan to purchase a copy when they hit the market!

    Please let me know if you offer autographed editions. Ben C

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