Another class completed

Another class finished and I made deposits in many lives over nine days in different ways and I was exhausted as I drove home this evening but I have to say it was worth every minute.

As I watched yet another batch despatched with their new skills to use for the rest of their lives I confess a little pride as they carried off boxes and tables and shelves to take their homes shared and families and friends and so my work never ends but lives in lives on the three continents everyone came here from.P1090438
So tonight I find rest in the certainty of things and peace in my thoughts thinking that men and women left my workshop contented and equipped so I wanted to share these simple things with you because I think good things are to be cared about and shared about.

Of course I am not the only one tired but things are changing quite a bit in that we are getting younger people coming all the more.P1090428


The age range was 20 to 70 and that’s happening all the more these days. Over the coming months we have more changes to help woodworkers train too.


Our classes are about passing on real skills and reaching into the future to try to make certain my skills continue in the lives of generations yet to be born. It’s working.


12 thoughts on “Another class completed”

  1. Andy in Germany

    I only wish I could have been there too. Circumstances didn’t allow it this year, but I will keep trying…

  2. Time is very ironic, you need time to build a business to develop a name people can trust and depend upon and in your case to get the message across, to change the current backward, careless system of policies yet time is always against us. There never is enough time to full fill ones dream. Hence why our Lord said “use your time wisely, do not be a time waster.” I admire you for what you are doing and yes you have influenced me in so many ways. I cannot say I just started out but I always feel like I have because when your on my screen teaching me from 20,000 km away my eyes are glued to that screen eagerly watching, listening and absorbing every word you say and finally implementing this into my work. Like I’ve always said I’ll be a student until such time when there is nothing left to learn and only then will I be able call myself a craftsman but “master” well I would need a second life for that.

    1. There was a time when I believed policy makers such as councillors and politicians made changes that could, should and would make life work for the betterment of society and voted to that end thinking my vote mattered. Then I realised that it was no good trusting such a system but that I had thoughts and abilities that would make life better for the individuals on a one to one basis. That was in the beginning when classes and such were the best I could do. Today of course that’s changed and I work all the harder to spread the good news that life is filled with meaning and that we all have influence for change when we stand firm in our beliefs.

      1. It is an up hill battle like hamburger hill if you know the history many lives were lost but with persistence and unshakable determination they took the hill. I believe in what you do, what you are trying to achieve and support your reason to make this change because if change does not occur mankind will be replaced by machinery and this occurrence will only lead to further decay of the human race as they will become totally skill less and unemployable. Unless the government is willing to financially support every citizen I can only foresee a future of mass poverty, even our doctors are being replaced by robotics surgeries and even though this is still in it’s very early stages it is yet another example of a decaying society.

        Policies and governments have been changed even toppled and replaced by the will of the people so long as this will exists no one government in the world can control the fate of a nation. If we as individuals remain dormant and say “she’ll be right mate” and continue to ignore our current decadence then this change will never occur and the few that fight for it will be viewed as extreme.

        As for voting Christopher Schwarz once said in an article he wrote; “if voting could change anything it would be made illegal.”

        There is no time better than the present to make this change for future generations to come.

        May I point out there is a petition based website called it has proven to be successful many times over in this country where it has forced our government to change to their existing policies and has fought the injustices of insurance companies and so forth. It is worth having a look at.

  3. Bernie Woodhouse

    “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” (from a House of Commons speech on Nov. 11, 1947) by Winston Churchill. Please continue to exercise your democratic rights too many people have fought long and hard give them to us and please continue your good work. Sadly I heard on the radio (ABC Radio National Breakfast)this morning that a million Australians didn’t vote in the last federal election and the that 42% of people sampled (didn’t catch the sample group, I think it was young voters) didn’t think that democracy was the best form of government. Scarey!

    1. If a million Australians didn’t vote that would be a $50 fine for each, where’s the democracy in that.

  4. Bernie Woodhouse

    A $50 fine correct. Technically you can choose to pay the fine or collect a ballot paper. How you fill the ballot paper out or not is your choice. I chose to be an Australian citizen & feel its my duty to participate in elections. We all benefit from democracy & being required to vote is, in my opinion, a small imposition. I believe that approximately 2/3-3/4 of the UK electorate didn’t vote for the ruling party, partly caused by non-participation & partly by the 1st past the post system. I would question the level of democracy in that result. I don’t expect that everybody feels as I do. Nothing is perfect, and frequently our elected representatives are sadly lacking, but the alternatives are even worse.

    1. As you know we have two political parties Labour and Liberal both are equally as stupid as each other, whether you vote for one or the other your vote makes no difference at all.

  5. Dr Robert Owen

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you to you and Phil for a fantastic course. I learnt a huge amount, and not only about woodworking.

    Warmest regards


    1. You are so very welcome Robert. It was a rewarding 9 days for me too.
      Best to you and your family and I hope your plans all come together for you.

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