Tool Cupboard’s Nearly Done

DSC_0239I am nearly done with the tool cupboard now. Carcass made, drawers made, doors made. Nearly Christmas too. I even feel ahead (not really). Then some rest for a few days with family and friends. I like Christmas.DSC_0243 Last week I went to Oxford and we went to to see a marvellous production of Christmas carol at the Pegasus. Still thrilled by it just thinking of it. If you are within 50 miles of Oxford, go! You’ll love it too. Take the kids or go with a friend or even on your own. Enjoy it!DSC_0244

12 thoughts on “Tool Cupboard’s Nearly Done”

  1. Michael Ballinger

    It’s funny I work away in a local mens shed using Pauls methods on everything I make. People always come over and point out how fine the work is… thing is they don’t know the videos and quality of work that I’m trying to achieve which far exceeds anything I have the skill to produce at the moment! I really is wonderful seeing such a high mark to aspire to.

  2. Could you explain more about the joinery for the back of the drawer or tell me where you explained it in more detail? Thanks…I love your work and philosophy.

    1. I am preparing a blog on it, Bob. This has become a signature for 95% of my drawer making with the other 5% being common through dovetails. I will explain all in the blog.

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