We Are Moving!!!


That’s right! We’ve planned this for a while and the days have flown by. We’ve been less settled because through our outreach we have kept growing. No complaints but we need a place we feel we can grow into and more help to make it happen. paulsellers.comThe ever-widening audience has led to growing pains for many months; perhaps a couple of years. The question then was where do we want to go to grow. For the first time we could truly pick our spot on the globe. Decision made, we’re moving lock, stock and barrel to what is truly my native country, England; see close to ‘where’ below.


Mpaulsellers.comore than one reason, but Penrhyn Castle can’t give us the extra space to expand our vision. Ultimately we need to triple our footprint in different realms; school, studio, workshop and so on. So with that in mind, and the fact that I do want to live back in my home country, I have taken the first phase to start the new year with. Historic castle walls are impossible to extend, push out or change. They cling to their historic past whereas we must reach into a sustainable future.


The new location for New Legacy, Woodworking Masterclasses and our video and online work, apprenticing, research and such, needs expandable space for growth. Oxfordshire is to be the host county, I have already decided that. The need more options for support too has influenced this too. We envisage taking on additional staff we can train and work with. I want to keep on training new apprentices as well, which is far from an easy thing in my type of lifestyle. P1010427With the plan to make Oxford a few short miles away, we can tap into its existing history of multi-faceted provision; that’s catering to tourists, students and so on who now come to us from from around the world. It’s pretty much a straight shot for most living in the UK too, and those traveling from abroad could pick just about any UK airport to fly into according to their flight provider.DSC_0550 (1)

We felt a long time ago that central England would worked much better for the UK, mainland Europe and then the rest of the world too. Our current plans place us 60 miles from the UK capital, London. Birmingham is 1 1/2 hours away and Luton about the same. Manchester is 2 1/2 hours away so we are about as close as it gets to being in Britain’s central hub.DSC_0553

Of course I will miss things in North Wales which has been just a lovely place to live and I have made so many wonderful friends too. My walks will change not having any sea to look over and sand to walk on but there will be new woods and walks along the Thames to discover.


Almost immediately. It’s no small thing moving homes and workshops, but we’re in the throes of packing now. In a few weeks we should be done but I am on an early spring clean as i work through cupboard after cupboard and wood stack after wood stack. I m hoping that we can work toward everything in-house and under one roof so to speak, to make life simpler. DSC_0554 (1)Woodworking master classes will continue uninterrupted of course but the school may not begin its main range of foundational courses until mid-year. Dates will be available when deadlines for our new location are finalised. Meanwhile we’ll be considering options for holding one and two-day workshops in different locations shortly. It’s very exciting.

DSC_0171New Legacy keeps growing and students with students from Europe and from the farthest climes now taking 50% of places. Wherever the school ends up our goal is that it will be within a bus or train ride from Heathrow and Gatwick or an easy drive on the right side of the road for those brave enough to try it. Oxfordshire county has a long established reputation for hospitality. DSC_0156


You can simply follow the blog for updates as just about everything that goes on gets mentioned here.


  1. Congratulations Paul. Both daunting and exciting, I’m sure.
    Best wishes for a safe and problem free move. Look forward to a video tour when your settled (hint!).

  2. I was hoping I’d be able to make one of your courses in 2016, but with logistics concerns due to a young family and a working partner.

    This might make things rather easier – I’m in south Oxfordshire!

    Good luck with the move; it’s a nice part of the world.

  3. Wow, what a change Paul, this must be very exciting for you all. I wish you luck and strength with planning andmoving everything (and off course, remember your own lesson: keep breathing, it’s very important, breathe!)

  4. Paul, Penrhyn Castle will always hold a special place in my heart as the place I met you and tried to soak up as much knowledge and love for working wood as I could from your wonderful tutelage. That meeting changed my life. I am hopeful to repeat the experience in Oxfordshire in the future.
    Your friend and humble student,
    Steve Harper

  5. Great news, for me Oxfordshire is much more accessible. But a lot of work for you.

  6. Wow. This is very exciting. I wish you, your family and crew the best of luck in the move.
    With change comes great things, which I have experienced in learning the craft of woodwork from you. It really has changed my life, and the way I look at the world. For this I am ever greatfull to you and your team, whom I hope to meet some day and thank in person.

  7. Wonderful news – not unexpected because you and your family have always been somewhat nomadic as you followed your Makers lead in where you lived to work and have influence through active involvement in people’s lives. Best wishes in new but old space. Kerrville Bill

    1. Thanks Bill. I will be in Texas this year, the Lord willing. Vert much loved the Hill Country. It was a wonderfilled place. If you get chance to follow Scooter Cheetham and Lynn Marshall’s extraordinary work of decades with Texas Edible plants to see how incredible Texas truly is. To anyone else in Texas, support Scooter Cheetham and Lynn marshall as a Texas National treasure. Here’s the link, join em.

      1. Will you be teaching while you’re in Texas later this year? Be sure to keep us updated. I’m in the Houston area enjoying the Woodworking Masterclasses and would be glad for an opportunity to meet and learn from you in person.

      2. Hi Paul,
        Very exciting to here that you’re hoping to visit Texas again. Congratulations and best of luck on the big move. I hope I’ll get a chance to meet you in person when while you’re here in Texas.

  8. Exciting news! I hope your moves (workshop & home) go smoothly and quickly. Best wishes for your future!

  9. Cheers! I hope the move goes as smooth as possible and brings even greater success.

  10. Fantastic and exhilarating. It is exciting to set up a new workshop. Let alone a new home to go with it.

  11. The Castle is an amazing venue but it will be fantastic being only 90 minutes or so away from the new workshop.

    Best of luck for the move. Not only the workshop but your families as well?

  12. The only thing I can say is that no matter how difficult and exhausting the move, each day the sun goes down at the end of the day, and there’s another brand new day waiting for you. Best wishes.

  13. So… no more ghosts at Paul’s classes 🙁 lol

    I can only assume that’s a LOT of work involved.
    So all the best wishes to You Mr Sellers, your family and the New Legacy SW team.

    All the best for this “new growing”

  14. That’s funny, I always thought you were in England. And from the map, the castle looks like it’s in England. No doubt I don’t understand the distinction between Wales and England. Good luck with the move; it’s never fun but at the same time it can be exciting.

  15. Hi Paul great news I have been meaning to join some of the courses for some time, I live in Basingstoke, Oxfordshire will be so much easier, good luck with the move I appreciate its a big move.

  16. Always refreshing to hear of growth and expansion. I hope reality exceeds even your greatest dreams and aspirations. You deserve it.

    1. We have achieved a lot, in the last year especially, but I am looking forward to now building on the foundation stones we set in place here Wales. It’s a pretty place when the sun shines but the rain and wind can indeed be serious issues. I think we have had rain every day almost for three months to date and there seems to be no letting up.

  17. Moving from home and work is never simple…you have to consider so many things…In my life I had to move so many times and it has always been difficult.
    I’d like to help you with the move but I’ m not so near..
    Best wishes to you and to your family!!
    Giorgio B.

    1. Thank you Giorgio, and thank you for the CD with Andrea Bocelli. I just wrote a letter to you tonight thanking you.

  18. congratulations I hope your taking your most valuable piece of equipment, sorry to call Phil equipment, lol I’m sure Joseph will be overjoyed to have you near again, my wife has a lot of family in Witney Oxfordshire a stunning part of the country, I can’t wait to see the new workshop, woo a workshop with internet access you won’t know yourself,

    1. Phil and Hannah moved there just before Christmas because Hannah had to find a new job because of the move. Anyway they seem settled in now. We move this coming week and so the shop is split into components as i will have my shop at the house, the filming studio which is just a bigger shop and then the new school venue all being well.

  19. I wondered where the new tool cabinet would be going!
    I wish you all, all the best. Exciting times!

  20. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”, Elmer Letterman. In that sense, I wish you good luck on the moving!

  21. Tried to visit the Castle workshop last September from USA while visiting relatives and friends in So.Wales. Got within 2 hours drive from Penrhyn but had to go back to Kent to attend to a very ill relative on short notice. Next trip over you will be in your new environment and easier to reach. Our very best wishes for your continued success and with the move forward. Good plan!

  22. All the best for the move, We all hope it goes off very smoothly. Now of course we are all waiting for the ‘Obligatory’…. Workshop tour 🙂
    We know the filming is done well in advance, so now we will be watching for the ‘New’ Background and surroundings

  23. Congrates on your move trust it will be a great one for your future looking forward to new videos thanks for all you do

  24. Congratulations Paul. I hope It all pans out well… I have no doubt that it will.
    I’m glad I made it to Penrhyn Castle for one of your courses, (May 2015). It has served me well.
    As you’re going to be much closer I may make another one!
    Good luck with everything, and best wishes to Phil and his family as well.
    Matt Sims

  25. exciting to hear. i am glad to hear the whole operation will be m,uch easier to get to from Heatrhow airport

  26. Location and place are relevant notions for a fully blossoming psyche like yours. I’m sure your new ambient will be filled with your radiant personality, your creative stance on what you do, and your sensitive perception to God’s creation that surrounds you. My best wishes that all this proceeds smoothly.

  27. Thank for all you have done to fundamentally change my approach to woodworking, Paul. For me it will be a longer journey but if some can come over from Hawaii for one of your coursesI am sure I can make it to Oxfordshire.
    Are you having a garage sale of anything you will leave behind, or are you taking the lot?

  28. Congratulations, talk about a new year!
    Will you be holding a class in Texas? I am from Connecticut, but would gladly make the trip down to attend. Best wishes for your new beginnings, God bless.

  29. Congratulations Paul you have proved once more you do not need to be in the back pockets of tool makers nor magazines. Your success has rendered them powerless I only wonder if anyone has noticed this. Has anyone noticed this at all, my God this is a major statement you have made an absolute victory even though you may not have intentionally done it but I believe it must of crossed your mind. While they remain stubbornly defiant people are flocking to you like birds from all over the world, I do not know one well known woodworker who has a larger success story than you. Despite all their fame and covers in magazines, television shows you have surpassed them all. What a success story, what diligence, what brilliance what more can I add to this. I’m struck with awe! Well done old boy, well done.

  30. Hi Paul,

    I am very happy to hear this. You are right about the location: it is in the heart of England and accessible pretty much from everywhere. I cannot wait to pay you a visit and take one of your classes.

    These are really good news for the new year and I congratulate you for your courage and vision. The more we are, the more chances to educate the future generations in a spirit that respects the wood, the environment and are bold enough to stand by their vision and hopes.

    Best wishes,

  31. I am sure this move is a result of some well earned success, I wish you all well in the move and hope you go from strength to strength as you further develop your calling.

  32. Congratulations and may God bless you with a safe and uneventful move.

    I do have one question. There seems to be quite a few people that made the comment about north Wales being hard to access. My wife and I traveled there last May, and to be honest, loved it. Being from the US, we did have a little confusion with the train system at first. But I did not find it a hard or inconvenient trip at all. I enjoyed Paul’s class and the other students there where very good people. I also found the people of Wales to be very friendly. The scenery was beautiful. Of course I love old English homes and of course castles.

    I guess I do not understand why it seems like a hard trip.

    1. I think that North Wales and especially the castle can no longer meet our growth needs nor the needs we feel are important for the other aspects of the work we do including very much the physical increase. The uptake for classes and hands on workshops will always continue growing which has been the case for 20 years now.Though classes fill, and overspill, uptake from people living locally has always proven very low and I feel we have completed the work we began here. Funny thing though, on a local level people often say 20 miles is too far for a course whereas people around the world travel by plane, train and bus to get here. So, we can make it all the easier for everyone this way.

  33. Oxfordshire’s much closer to me in Hampshire, so perhaps I will make that course I’ve been promising myself after all! I’m sure it will be a wrench moving from Wales (my birth place) but a very exciting move!

    Looking forward to the new future – may God bless your new venture and your move.

  34. I don’t think it matters where you are Paul, your message reaches everyone with a mind to hear it.

  35. Hi,
    Congratulations and best wishes for your move.
    We have become used to seeing Resi’s name under the videos – used to her top-notch ability with the cameras.
    Will she be going as well or staying with the National Trust in Penrhyn Castle?

    1. Actually it’s Phil that deserves all the credit for the filming and camera work and it’s him that makes me look better than I am. Resi organises many other things and keeps us on track too though, but not filming.

      1. Ah, my mistake. Her name is under each ‘click box’ for individual episodes eg
        6 January 2016 / Resi Tomat /
        I thought this was credit for the episode

          1. I understand the reasoning for the move. You did do a lot in such a little space and the a larger populated area would bring more people in. I wondering about the 20 mile drive thing. For something I want to do, 20 miles is right next door to me. One of the guys in the class said at lunch, 100 mile to an America is a short trip where a 100 year to an Englishman is a short time. I guess it is just a cultural thing.

  36. Congratulations. Bangor is a nice place, you can see the snow mountais and the sea in the same moment. But Im sure that the new place can not be colder that the castle 😉
    I was in February.
    Paul, team and family, I wish you all the best in your new step.

    1. After you had gone we found that only half of the radiators were on. Hope you and the family are well. Are you still in Denmark? Or is it Sweden?

      1. Yes still in Denmark, bud very tired. We have move two times in the last 4 month. Actualy all my tools are in a chest, and my arm chair proyect stop, I dont know for how long time ;-(
        Bud thats life. I will have better time. All the best

  37. I really admire what you (still) do! After all you’re not 40 or so anymore! And again and again: Thank you! You have NO idea what you “cause” with your books and videos on youtube in a so wonderful and positive way! (Yesterday I finished a bench for my kids with dovetails, from rough lumber from a sawmill that I can reach by foot in 8 minutes, carried the lumber home, squared and planed the wood with my No. 5, jointed it with handsawn dovetails, finished it with painted on shellac. What a satisfying expierience! I’m so very proud of it, even if it is far from perfect…) I learned so much from you. You indeed changed (part) of my life!

    1. Thank you, Chris. This is a wonderful phase in my life as have been all the phases that have changed courses and always improved situations of sharing the life I’ve lived with others. It’s been gratifying to see the response to our work on every level and whereas I would love to think I was 40 again I am not sure I would have had much to offer back then. I am sure your children enjoy being with you as you made the bench. Benches and woodworking are very unifying family endeavours.

  38. Love it… You’ve got guts to make such a move. I wish you all the best. My woodwork started through watching your videos, they were/are a challenge and I took up my saw so-to-speak in Thailand and although it was something I’d always wanted to do just for a hobby from the first job people wanted to buy because it was quality woodwork..! Thanks you for showing me the way.

  39. Congratulations on the move but please be careful. Morse and Lewis have been catching murderers in in Oxford for over 20 years and they don’t seem to have made a dent in the supply! Kidding aside – I wish you much success for you and your family.

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