Book signing in Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum (Sunday 13th March 2016)

We will be having the book signing for my new book Essential Woodworking Hand Tools on Sunday 13th March 2016 beginning at 2PM. Hosted at the Ashmolean Museum’s Headley Lecture Theatre, it will be a limited attendance event and the price will be just the cost of the book and the accompanying three DVD set (£50) showing the techniques and methods described throughout the book. The book will retail for £35 and the three DVDs will be retailed as a set for £25 but we will be selling the combination of book and DVDs for £50.

After a brief introduction I will be demonstrating some of the tools the book is all about. If you want to attend you must prebook via the form here. I am excited about the event and very much look forward to meeting you at the Ashmolean.

Book DVD Case and Discs

The book is hardbound, cloth covered in mid-blue with silver embossing on the spine and will be ready to ship from the UK distribution centre to the UK and mainland Europe too. For the USA there will be a short delay of about two weeks, to allow for ocean crossing, customs etc.

We will begin taking orders in the next few days. Enter your email address on this page and we will email you as soon as we launch the online orders.

32 thoughts on “Book signing in Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum (Sunday 13th March 2016)”

  1. Sorry Paul, cannot attend….
    However still interested in obtaining your ‘signed’ book 1st Edition shipped to USA.
    Jim S.

  2. Congratulations and fantastic news Paul. Will the book be available world wide shortly after the release? I would love to purchase a copy from Australia.

  3. I’d love to come and meet you, would do a bit of touristy stuff around the area and uni too. But it’s almost a day travel (from the Netherlands) and I have commitments the evening/night before, so sadly I’m not able too.

    I hope you have a great time at the book signing, and I’m sure you’ll meet a lot of interesting people. Looking forward to the book coming out.

    Any chance of a video popping up from the book signing and demonstration? There might even be something interesting to show in the museum as well!

  4. I have a passport, but do have £35. I wish I could attend, but traveling the globe for book signings probably isn’t in my future. Congratulations anyway and I hope it’s on the NYT best sellers list. With a name like Sellers how can you miss?

    1. Yes. I will put up details on my blog and those who did say they wanted notification will automatically be given the date of release too.

  5. Hi Paul
    Will you have a distributor in Australia? Or will I need to order it from the UK or the US?

    Thank you


    1. In a couple of days or so we should be able to announce how everyone can place their orders. Thanks for your support, my friends in Portugal. One day I will visit there.

      1. When you do come visit Portugal, please tell. I’ll love to show it to you around a bit.
        Looking forward for the details to order my copy. It feels a bit like Christmas time already 🙂

  6. Paul.
    It is a very long journey from a Joiners shop in Stockport to the Ashmolean, but you have proven that it can be done.

    Very Best Wishes
    Fred Sutton

  7. Congratulations, Paul !!!

    I wish but I cannot attend because I am on the other side of the Earth. If possible, I also wish to obtain your signed copy.


  8. Mike Towndrow

    Fantastic and exciting news on the new book Paul.
    I’ve (hopefully) booked a place and I’m really looking forward to the event.

  9. Mike Ballinger

    Ewww, so tempting… 515km, 7 hours and 12 minutes if I got a ferry from Dublin and then drove.

  10. Natxo Sainz de Aja

    Too far for me, bud next time we meet you can sing me the book. I hope it will be soon.
    All the best

  11. I’m Driving from Essex for the book-signing. Coming back the same evening.
    If anyone wants to save themselves £43 in train fares, let me know.

  12. Joseph Shamis

    Congratulations on your book Paul. I look forward to reading it. I’m a recovering academic. Since I gave up my studies, officially anyway, I’ve been diving into woodworking, painting, and just using my hands to make things. There is something natural and human about it. It’s interesting to think, for instance, that people have been making dovetail joints for thousands of years, all over the world. I’ve enjoyed watching your videos. In addition to being so clear and informative, I enjoy the wisdom that you sprinkle throughout.
    Joe Shamis
    Columbus, Ohio, USA

  13. Jaime Gonzalez

    My brother lives in Abingdon. I’ll see if he has plans this weekend. Jaime G. San Diego, CA …GO NAVY!!!!!

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