My New Workshops to Work In

P1160431The past few weeks brought a close to my Penrhyn Castle worksop and indeed my leaving the lovely north Wales. I made my final trips to gather my personal tools and the special things you gather over the years. I will miss my friends, of course I will, and they can never be replaced, but closing the doors for the last time and handing back the keys gave me the positive sense of closure I wanted most. It was a pivotal point in my life being in North Wales. A time to reacquaint myself with my personal history. P1160400A place of friendship and care and the beginning of the New Legacy School of Woodworking that will continue in new strength here in Oxfordshire. Already people I haven’t met greet me in different places and smile from a distance because they’ve watched our work somewhere on the net. P1160459My garage has been a temporary workshop but soon I will set it up properly and put things in place. Today was my first chance to start working on the studio where I  will be working my day job (joking of course). I found myself searching for my treasured tools ready to put them back in place. In many ways this is of course my insecurity. I don’t really expect anyone to fully understand how I feel but some will.

Cupboards are a little bare just now but soon I will have them as I want them again.

Making certain they are safe even though they have not left my side throughout the transition has been important to me. It will take me a few days but being here in Oxfordshire just feels so right already. I will be making a more official blog post soon announcing where we have settled.

Anyway, I am putting this together to make certain you all know that we have made perfect progress this month and things are right on track as far as I can see. We start filming the new projects next week for woodworking masterclasses and of course youtube too.

I thought this was one of the loveliest chisels for just £11. Felt quite at home when the postman found our new address.

Oh, and I knew I was on track when my new eBay finds found my new front door and the postman commented on the packages. My last post lady Rhianna new me so well she never returned anything when I was away. I will miss her and all of the other people who enriched my life.

17 comments on “My New Workshops to Work In

  1. I’ll bet even after you’ve put everything in place, for at least a few days you’ll have the urge to walk in just to check and see everything still feels right in your workshop.

    Nice to hear you’re already starting to feel at home

  2. Best wishes to you in your new shop. I’m sure you’ll find something interesting to share, when you unpack your tools.

  3. Paul things are looking up, great looking shop very clean looking. I like the chisel it is almost impossible to find one like this in the US ebay market that doesn’t cost a fortune! I thank you for this haha, you have certainly had a impact on wood working tools you know!

  4. Paul, I am so pleased for you in your new beginning. Enjoy your new surroundings as you enrich us with you tutoring. I completely understand your comment about your old tools. Several years ago I was quite ill and unable to do anything for weeks on end. I would go to my shop, sit among my tools and just touch them. It was like having a friend visit.

  5. Paul, Like everyone else I am so excited to see you setting up your new shop. I find myself checking several times each day to see if there is a new updated post from Paul Sellers! Thank you for letting us know you will be filming again soon. I never looked so forward to Wednesday until I got hooked on the masters class. You are a very gracious gentleman and we could never thank you enough fir all you have done for everyone.
    By the way, would that cabinet in the back corner happen to be the completed version of the current masters class project?

    Thank you again,

  6. Feelings I can well appreciate,… having moved all my tools with me twice to England and back from America and also to several distant places here too. Always worrying something would go awry and a favorite tool or tools would go missing. Fortunately this journey this time for you is short and controllable. The shop looks great,…a nice space and well lit. Congratulations!

  7. Paul, I am excited for your new workshop and location. Moving is always a little stressful. Getting all set up and having your tools back in place will be a great feeling for sure. Take care. JP.

  8. Paul, I’m convinced your treasured tools will feel at home very soon. And you with them.
    Knight Movers, do they move only castle dwellers?

  9. Congratulations on getting set up so quick you must work very long days you seem to get so much done, the workshop looks fabulous, I’m glad I got to visit the castle workshop when I did, now I’ll have to visit the new school one day the best of luck

  10. Hi. Sad to see the empty shop. I really enjoyed the week I spent there a couple years ago. Since then my projects have gone from boxes to tables to shelving and more. Nothing feels more real than working wood with hand tools! Good luck in your new location.

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