Sharpening Your First Crosscut Saw Video

P1170325In addition to the recent blog posts describing exactly what you need to sharpen your first crosscut handsaw you can now learn alongside me as you follow my latest video for sharpening crosscuts on You will need to sign in as a subscriber but it free. The link is below.

This is a first from us and I think you will like it. I have been building yet another workbench, this time for my new home workshop, from the secondhand wood I got from Oxford Recycling Centre I blogged on a couple of months ago. The wood turned out to be so good that it will look like a bench made from new wood. You’ll be hearing more on this venture too.P1170310

Here you can see the result of the crosscut saw sharpening through some redwood 3×4 with a brand new but very unfancy resharpenable crosscut saw.

I do like the video we came up with and ask you, please, if you like it too share it with as many woodworking friends you know so that they too can learn to and we can preserve the craft of saw sharpening. Here is the the page for the subscription, which will get you to the video connection you need.

7 thoughts on “Sharpening Your First Crosscut Saw Video”

  1. Paul, I envy the full-size lumber you have in the UK. I have to buy a 4×6 here in the States to get close to what you get with a 3×4 in the UK. I can get some junk pressure-treated 4×4’s that are close, but who wants those things.

    1. This one is not. I found it passable. I would suggest an hours work on the handle will make it yours for life.

  2. mike pentecosr

    Thank you for this video to round out saw sharping. Should we also do a final hone similar to using a fine diamond paddle on rip saws? The black Arkansas triangle files I have for honing carving tools and molding planes seems ideal.

    1. Not really. I find this works fine and the sharpness of the teeth seem to last just fine too.

  3. Paul, thank you the video on crosscut sharpening. New to sharpening saws, I was struggling with other methods found on the Internet, and for some reason your method just works for me.

    The biggest difference was “sharpen the back of the tooth going away from you”. And that you file towards the heel of the saw…not the toe. I’ve sharpened a number of crosscuts so far, and the results are terrific.

    As always; uncomplicated, to the point, and it works. What an amazing approach you have to things!

    PS: Enjoying your new book!

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